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Bereavement Counselling: Do We Really Need To Grieve?

Too Busy to Grieve?

Today, many of us have schedules that do not allow enough time for the bereavement process to take its course. Life is just “too busy” to stop and reflect on the devastating array of emotions associated with loss. Of course, there are those of us who choose to distance ourselves from our grief by finding some sort of distraction, often, our work, while others simply choose to keep their chins up and move on. Yet, while there is no right or wrong way to grieve and no telling how long it may take – is simply avoiding bereavement a viable option?

Losing someone can be one of the most emotionally intense experiences that occurs in our lifetime, so it is no wonder that we may try to avoid the pain associated with such events. Feelings of anxiety, yearning, guilt and anger are not easy to deal with. However, when we avoid the natural emotions that arise when we lose someone or something we care about, we could face long term consequences, such as prolonged feelings of emotional distress. This can impact severely upon are relationships, health and employment. So what should we do when experiencing loss?

Whether it is before or after a loss, embarking on a series of counselling sessions can help you adjust to this stressful life experience. Each individual is unique and because of this there is no official date when one “should” enter into bereavement counselling. The benefits of talking through these intensely painful emotions can help both those preparing for and those who have already experienced loss.

Providing yourself with the time and space to freely speak about your personal experiences and relationship with your loved one is an effective time tested method in handling grief. You and your therapist of choice will be able to discuss your thoughts and feelings that arise as you experience the natural stages of loss. Entering into bereavement counselling can provide invaluable emotional support needed to ensure that this difficult life experience happens as smoothly as possible. If you or someone you know is anticipating or has recently experienced the loss of a loved one you might consider contacting or referring them to Harley Therapy to consider beginning bereavement counselling.

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