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Online Therapy 

Lead a busy life? Can’t make it to our offices? Or live abroad, but want access to the expert psychotherapists and psychologists only a thriving metropolis like London has to offer? Booking online therapy is for you.

Does online counselling really work? 

Yes. Recent research shows, for example, that online CBT therapy is as effective as in-person treatment when it comes to depression and anxiety [1].

Of course effective therapy requires an effective therapist. At Harley Therapy we only work with fully accredited online therapists who are trained at top institutions, have many years of experience, and are passionate experts at what they do. 

Do I really need online therapy? 

Therapy is a great support if you are facing a big life challenge. But it is also a worthwhile investment if you simply want to thrive more, to clarify who you are and what you want, or troubleshoot relationships or other areas of life that are lagging, such as your career. 

Working with an online psychologist 

The process is easy and confidential. You simply need an internet connection and some privacy. Log in at your designated time to an agreed on video conferencing platform like Skype or Zoom, and from there, it's exactly like an in-person session. 

The benefits of online counselling

Online talking therapy is a safe and confidential space that means you can:

  • make your sessions even if travelling or abroad
  • relax in the comfort of your own home where you might feel safer 
  • save time on transport if you have a busy schedule
  • still care for children or elderly relatives at home
  • avoid going out if anxiety, OCD, or illness makes it a challenge. 

Why choose a Harley Therapy™ online therapist? 

We aim to be the gold standard of online talking therapy, taking the guesswork out of choosing a therapist by carefully selecting a highly regarded roster of counsellors, psychologists, and psychotherapists. If for any reason it's not a perfect match, we offer a session with another therapist free of charge. 

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To make an enquiry about online sessions, please submit this confidential form or call us on 020 8003 4172

How online counselling works at Harley Therapy™
  1. Book and pay for an initial 50-minute SKYPE, Zoom, etc. consultation.

  2. Contact your therapist on your chosen video conferencing platform at the designated time. Discuss your issues, background history, and goals, and together decide how many sessions you would benefit from.

  3. You will then normally have weekly online meetings with your therapist. 


Why choose our online counselling service?

 Experienced - therapists with many years of clinical practice who are technically adept at delivering online counselling services

✔  Tailored - all therapists work integratively, adapting approaches to your needs, including CBT online

 Fully confidential - your discretion is assured throughout

✔  Guaranteed - if you're not satisfied we'll arrange a session with another therapist for free.

Take a step forward today 

To make an appointment to speak to an online psychologist or psychotherapist, you can book online or contact us at 020 8003 4172.

How to book your session

Call us now on 0345 474 1724 OR

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All of our practitioners are qualified and accredited with reputable professional associations for counselling and psychotherapy.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Anxiety & stress
  • Anger management
  • Relationships & sex
  • Depression
  • Trauma/abuse
  • Low self-esteem
  • Bereavement
  • Work related issues
  • Couples work
  • And much more...

Skype Therapy and Online Counselling



What you get at Harley Therapy

Therapists have a minimum of 7 years experience, are accredited and insured to practice privately.

Therapists have met rigorous selection criteria and are vetted to ensure you receive the best support.

Not satisfied with your first consultation? Try a meeting with another therapist free of charge.

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