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Private Psychiatrists in London

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Struggling with signs of a mental health condition? Need an assessment, diagnosis or medication? The team of highly experienced, compassionate consultant psychiatrists provide you with personalised and effective treatment for a range of psychological issues. Get the help and support you need today.

Dr Humphries, Dr Mitchell, Dr Buttan, Dr Ferreira-Lay, Dr Economou, Dr Cappai & Dr Costa are available for private psychiatry appointments at our Harley Street rooms in London and also online. They provide a full suite of out-patient psychiatric services, including comprehensive diagnostic assessments and treatment plans with optional medication and psychological therapy

Benefits of private psychiatry at Harley Therapy

  • 12 to 40 years of medical experience each
  • GMC registered and on the Specialist Register
  • First-class professional service backed by an accomplished Clinical Director
  • Renowned ADHD specialists
  • Well-appointed Harley Street rooms in reputable medical house
  • Access to an internal network of health care providers including counselling psychologists 
  • Dedicated, experienced confidential support team
  • Excellent patient feedback

Please call us in confidence to discuss your needs and to get paired with the most suitable psychiatrist. Alternatively, complete our contact form below and we will get back to you with recommendations.

Meet the Harley Street psychiatrists

The following are summaries of the consultant psychiatrists practising from our Harley Street clinic in London. You can visit their individual profiles for more details on their specialities and to request them specifically.


Dr. Todd        

Dr Todd Mitchell

Private consultant psychiatrist London

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Dr Todd Mitchell is a Consultant Psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience providing comprehensive mental health assessments, identifying pertinent mental and emotional problems, and treating mental health issues affecting adults of all ages. Over his career, Dr Mitchell has devoted his clinical practice and ongoing clinical education to treating issues that impede fulfilment of personal, occupational, academic, developmental, and/or relationship goals. Dr Mitchell is available to provide high-quality outpatient mental healthcare services to interested individuals and couples who are seeking personal psychological growth and/or alleviation of acute or chronic psychological ailments. At Harley Therapy, his offered services include comprehensive psychiatric assessment and consultation, medication management, integrated medication and psychotherapeutic treatments, and relationship counselling.


Dr Humphries photo       

Dr Stephen Humphries

Private consultant psychiatrist (ADHD specialist)

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Dr Humphries is an experienced and highly respected general psychiatrist whose specialist field is adult ADHD where he has a great deal of experience in the diagnosis and management of the condition - a speciality which is less commonly found amongst UK psychiatrists and has developed a highly regarded practice in the field. Dr Humphries is not a couples or family specialist and prefers to work with individuals. He has helped with many psychiatric conditions including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, organic problems, anxiety, OCD, personality disorder, eating disorders and relationship issues from an individuals perspective. 

Naresh Buttan Psychiatrist London       

Dr Naresh Buttan

Private consultant psychiatrist London

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Dr. Naresh K. Buttan is a General Adult Psychiatrist in private practice at Harley Street and has also worked as a Substantive Full Time Consultant in NHS at Livewell Southwest (Plymouth Community Healthcare CIC, previously known as NHS Plymouth Teaching PCT). He’s Section 12 (2) approved under the Mental Health Act. Additionally, he’s also a Training Programme Director for Higher Training Programme in General Adult & Old Age Psychiatry at Health Education England working across South West Peninsula Post Graduate Medical Education (HEE SW PGME).


Phil Ferriera-Lay Psychiatrist London       

Dr Phil Ferreira-Lay

Private consultant psychiatrist London (ADHD specialist)

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Dr. Phil Ferreira-Lay is a Psychiatrist in private practice at Harley Street, with over 10 years of experience as a consultant for the NHS specialising in Adult ADHD and Child Psychiatry. Dr Ferreira-Lay is available to provide high-quality outpatient mental healthcare services to individuals over 16 years old where there are particular concerns that Adult ADHD may be part of underlying difficulties. He offers comprehensive ADHD psychiatric assessment and consultation, medication management and solution-focused behavioural, psychological and psychotherapeutic-based interventions.

Phil Ferriera-Lay Psychiatrist London

Dr Alexis Economou

Private consultant psychiatrist

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Dr Economou is a Consultant Psychiatrist with dual accreditation as a specialist in General Adult Psychiatry and Medical Psychotherapy. Dr Economou's experience and training allow him to bring a breadth of clinical approaches to his work; he combines general psychiatric skills and knowledge with a highly specialist psychotherapeutic approach. Dr Economou has extensive experience of working with adults and adolescents, who are going through a difficult time in life and experiencing struggles on an emotional level, as well as working with people who are suffering with an episode of mental illness. He has experience of providing detailed, complex psychiatric assessments and treatment across the diagnostic spectrum.

Phil Ferriera-Lay Psychiatrist London       

Dr Alessandra Cappai

Private consultant psychiatrist (ADHD specialist)

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Dr Alessandra Cappai is a Consultant Psychiatrist with over 15 years’ experience in psychiatry. She trained in Italy where she obtained a Masters’ degree in Medicine and Surgery, equivalent to MBBS. Dr Cappai is specialised both in General Adult Psychiatry, ADHD and in Forensic Psychiatry, with particular expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have had contacts with the Criminal Justice System.


Dr Marta Costa Autism Specialist

Dr Marta Costa

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

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Dr Marta Costa is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with extensive experience in holistic mental health care for young people. She obtained her MBChB from the University of Leicester and is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. At Harley Therapy, Dr Costa specialises in comprehensive autism assessments, offering expert support to individuals and families navigating autism spectrum conditions.



How to choose a psychiatrist

To receive advice about the psychiatry services suited to you, please call us to discuss your needs or complete our online psychiatry contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Referrals to counselling psychologists via a private psychiatrist

Dr Humphries, Dr Mitchell, Dr Ferreira-Lay, Dr Buttan, Dr Economou, Dr Cappai & Dr Costa run their private psychiatric clinics in Harley Street, London and are available for appointments at our rooms. They refer to in-house counselling psychologists at both Harley Street and our other London locations for a full range of talking therapies including (but not limited to) cognitive behavioural therapypsychodynamic counselling and existential psychotherapy. They are able to liaise with your therapist in a shared treatment plan. Please note that a copy of the psychiatrist's report will be sent to your GP as standard practice. Requests for repeat prescriptions are available online. We work exclusively with Zen pharmacy. 

*In the interests of safety, there may be cases where ongoing treatment through Harley Therapy is not recommended; NHS or other specialist services may be advised as more appropriate.*

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All of our practitioners are qualified and accredited with reputable professional associations for counselling and psychotherapy.

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