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About us


Harley Therapy was founded in 2006, with the aim of connecting the public with experienced and committed practitioners working to alleviate emotional difficulties and promote psychological health.


As a group we have the following goals:

  • To promote psychological wellbeing through education and therapeutic connections
  • To represent the profession of psychotherapy and counselling in the highest, yet realistic, light
  • To normalise therapy, helping make it as common to seek treatment for our emotional concerns as it is for physical difficulties


Sheri Jacobson oversees the day to day running of the group and is responsible for maintaining quality standards including health and safety in all of Harley Therapy’s premises.

She is committed to promoting psychological knowledge in the public realm and has teamed up with editor Andrea Blundell to produce accessible Guides in the Self Help section and hundreds of informative articles on the Harley Therapy Blog. This fully researched content is free to read and contains no adverts.


Our core values are:

  • A belief in the human potential for change and improvement
  • The importance of personal growth and long term health
  • The belief that therapy, in a safe and supportive setting, can help us surmount many of life’s challenges

Client Pledge

We align ourselves with the most select group of therapists. They all have a minimum of 5 years experience (most have many more) are fully accredited and insured to practice privately. If there's any reason why you're not getting the most out of your sessions, let us know and we'll do our best to arrange an alternative meaning at no cost to you.


Whilst we think that engaging in therapy sessions is a sign of strength and something that should be spoken about freely with others, we place a high emphasis on clients' and prospective clients' confidentiality. We have maintained our registration with the Information Commissioner's Office since 2007 (no. Z9901252).

Our Online Booking Form is hosted on a dedicated SSL server page to secure your personal details.

To read about how we handle your electronic data please see our privacy policy.

Each therapist is bound by their professional organisation's ethical rules which includes confidentiality, and client safety. To learn more about those bodies, please click on the image below.

Professional Accreditations

Work with us

Periodically, we have rooms and optional admin services available for affiliate therapists, as well as other posts.

Please see here for our latest opportunities.


Harley Therapy Ltd and its website is self-funded and does not accept external sponsorship. See our full disclaimer here.


Harley Therapy Ltd and its website do not accept or host any advertisement.


We would like your constructive feedback so that the therapists can better serve existing and future clients. Please email us help[at]harleytherapy[dot]com to submit any comments you have about how we can improve.

Have you had a good experience through us? Do let us know so we can use this to promote the work of dedicated therapists who can help others.


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