Therapy Services

We are proud to connect you with highly experienced practitioners who can help with almost any psychological issue.

Counselling deals with issues through discussion and exploration. It is often short-term and counsellors may use person-centred and cognitive-behavioural techniques.

Psychotherapy is similar though it explores issues in greater depth and may be long-term. Psychotherapists often make use of psychodynamic, existential and psychoanalytic principles.

Psychiatry can help with a medical diagnosis of any mental health issue. Psychiatrists are also able to prescribe medication.

Therapeutic Approaches

Over the last 15 years we have built up an unrivalled reputation in connecting individual with the highest quality therapeutic services.

We are aligned with therapists who are qualified in a number of approaches and tailor treatment to your needs. They can offer you a general assessment to discuss your main issues and to establish a suitable therapeutic approach. 

Therapists practice from different theoretical standpoints. Commonly known approaches include cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, humanistic (person-centred) counselling, existential, psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapy.

Studies have shown that the most important variable in a successful course of therapy is the relationship between the client and therapist. It is important that you feel that you can connect with your therapist, regardless of their theoretical approach. For that reason we offer a first session guarantee - we will cover the cost of you meeting an alternative therapist if you are unsatisfied for any reason or wish to try a different therapist.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing you with a safe, confidential space to talk, explore, heal and grow. The therapists will help you to understand your areas of difficulty, gain relief from present symptoms and develop resources to cope in the future.

We believe in a mind-body connection so that improvements in psychological well-being translate into physical vitality. The benefits of our psychotherapy and counselling work include self-insight, inner fulfillment, raised self-esteem, a positive outlook and improved relationships.

Therapy Services

What you get at Harley Therapy

Therapists have a minimum of 7 years experience, are accredited and insured to practice privately.

Therapists have met rigorous selection criteria and are vetted to ensure you receive the best support.

Not satisfied with your first consultation? Try a meeting with another therapist free of charge.