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ADHD Assessment at Harley Therapy™ London

Do I have ADHD? 

Are you struggling at work and find you are always restless or feeling edgy? You might be wondering if you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and interested in a professional opinion? 

ADHD test - the Harley Therapy™ approach

We recognise that being assessed for ADHD can be an emotional time. At Harley Therapy you can relax in knowing you are in expert hands. Dr Stephen Humphries has 30 years of medical experience and is an expert in ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Dr Maria Daves is a specialist ADHD coach for those already diagnosed with ADHD and looking for further support.  

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ADHD symptoms in adults

Symptoms in adults with ADHD is hard to define, as the three main symptoms that are seen in children - inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity - can change as we reach adulthood. 

Some of the common symptoms in adult ADHD are:

  • restlessness and edginess 
  • finds it difficult to manage stress
  • lacks attention to detail
  • poor organisational skills
  • difficulty focusing

It is often that ADHD goes undiagnosed in childhood. In childhood you may have been labelled a 'troublemaker', 'dreamer' or something similar. Or you were able to compensate for the symptoms of ADHD but now that your responsibilities have increased the symptoms are more noticeable. 

How to test for ADHD in adults

There is no simple ADHD test for adults. Diagnosing ADHD involves a very thorough ADHD assessment. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) states that you should be referred for assessment to a mental health specialist trained in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.

The specialist will take into account symptoms that may be been there since childhood, those that are not explained by other diagnoses and how these symptoms have affected your life. 

A full ADHD assessment will include:

  • a full clinical and psychosocial assessment; which includes discussion about behaviour and symptoms in the different domains and settings of everyday life 

  • a full developmental and psychiatric history 

  • observer reports and assessment of your mental state

Recommended treatment for adult ADHD 

Your ADHD specialist will create a multidisciplinary treatment plan which addresses psychological, behavioural and occupational or educational needs. We also provide post-diagnostic support sessions for those with a diagnosis of ADHD, as well as, relationship support. 

Medication is offered in serious cases and should be combined with psychological treatments and support. Click here for more details on how assessment and treatment work at Harley Therapy.

The Benefits of an ADHD Assessment 

Having ADHD can impact you and your family. An assessment can identify or rule out ADHD, as well as spot any other issues like learning differences or developmental disorders. 

The benefits of an assessment include: 

  • understanding your behaviour 
  • recognising and building on your strengths 
  • optimising your home environment to ease symptoms 
  • learning strategies that help you manage 
  • help your social skills, self-control, and problem-solving skills
  • accessing support and services to make things easier for your family 


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