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Sexual problems don't have to ruin your relationships and confidence

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Updated Apr 4, 2022 by Dr. Sheri Jacobson Dr Sheri Jacobson

Sex Therapy in London

  • Been avoiding dealing with sex and intimacy issues? 
  • And it’s eroding not just relationships, but your self-esteem?
  •  Or even your identity and ability to cope?

Sex and intimacy problems

Sexual issues can be extremely lonely. We can feel too ashamed to talk to loved ones, or to even admit the size of the problem to ourselves. Instead, we can turn to destructive behaviours to avoid things, or end up depressed. Psychosexual therapy can help. 

What is psychosexual therapy?

Often just called 'sex therapy', it's psychotherapy for individuals and couples to explore sex related issues. 

Nothing you tell your psychosexual therapist will be shocking or shameful to them. Sex therapy offers the liberating experience of finally talking to someone who understands.

What issues can sex therapy help with?

A psychosexual therapist creates a safe, confidential space to work on issues like:

  • performance problems (erectile dysfunction, vaginismus)
  • inability to climax
  • intimacy issues
  • loss of desire
  • sexual anxiety and phobias
  • sexual identity issues
  • navigating intimacy postpartum
  • sex and love addiction
  • trauma-based issues
  • sex drive differences in relationships
  • sex after illness or disability
  • Peyronie's disease.

But how can talking about my sexual problems help? 

Most sex problems have a psychological link. In some cases it's just that our struggles with intimacy are affecting our moods. In others, the root of the issue can be mental and emotional.  

We also have to admit to a problem in its entirety if we want to find real solutions. Talking to a counsellor helps you get clear on just how much a physical issue with sex is also affecting other areas of your life.

And sex therapy can also be practical, helping you set and achieve goals for things like physical checkups and self-care, as well as deal with co-occuring psychological issues like addictions or anxiety

What is a session with a sex therapist like? 

A proper sex therapist does not sit in on your bedroom sessions. Psychosexual therapy instead functions like other forms of talk therapy. Your therapist is there to listen, reflect back, and ask insightful questions. They help you see things in a new light, and to process experiences you couldn't navigate alone. 

If you are attending sex therapy as a couple, your therapist also helps you to communicate, and decide on new ways forward together. You might be given sex therapy exercises to do betwen appointments. 

The benefits of sex counselling

  • be more in tune with yourself, your body, and your sexual desire
  • stop the endless feelings of shame and guilt
  • learn better ways of communicating  about sex and intimacy
  • find ways forward in life and in the bedroom
  • take away practical tools to cope with your thoughts and emotions.

Help with your sex life – the Harley Therapy™ approach 

All psychosexual therapists at Harley Therapy have extensive training and experience in helping clients with sexual problems. They are happy to work with your unique issues at a pace you feel comfortable with, and work sensitively with your sexual preferences, gender identity, and/or religious and cultural background.

‘Do you offer sex therapy near me?' 

We offer psychosexual therapy for individuals and couples both at our main offices on Harley Street, as well as in the City and at London Bridge. Call us now or complete our online booking form to make an appointment.

Overseas or can’t get to London? Ask about our psychotherapists and psychologists who offer online sex therapy sessions. 

Prefer a full psychological assessment first? Book a session with a private consultant psychiatrist who can provide a comprehensive overview of your mental health. 

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Issues for Sex Therapy

  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erection problems
  • Painful intercourse
  • Sex avoidance
  • Vaginismus
  • Anorgasmia
  • Sex addiction counselling
  • Pornography addiction
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