Male Depression – How Is It Different?

The misconception still persists that not only is depression something that mostly women suffer, but that if you are depressed, you are faulty and unable to function. And yet many famous and successful men suffered from what Churchill called the “black dog” when he dealt with it. Ernest Hemingway tried to drink his depression away, and

Help! I Want to Fire My Therapist

Have you decided your therapist just isn’t cutting it? You’re no longer comfortable with them, you don’t feel like you are making enough progress, or you are annoyed that they are not noticing the progress you have made. Or maybe you just don’t like them, and it’s as simple as that. Sometimes it’s true that firing

What is Dance Movement Psychotherapy?

Like all forms of therapy, dance movement psychotherapy (DMP) is designed to help you understand yourself and your emotions and help you navigate life more effectively. But while most forms of psychotherapy use talking as a main method, dance movement therapy also brings in physical movement to help you feel a greater connection between your