When Is the Right Time to Seek Counselling?

“Do I Need Counseling?” Thankfully, we live in a day and age where therapy has shed the stigma of only being for ‘crazy’ people. And yet the outdated notion still persists that you have to feel awful or have a life that is in pieces to benefit from counselling. The result? Even if we suspect we

Can Even Stress Have a Good Side?

by Cereinyn Ord Imagine a week where your relationship falls apart, you lose your job, and you have to move house. Stressful? Absolutely. All negatives? Not necessarily. There are different types of stress we all deal with. Stress bought on by previous difficult life circumstances can become a long-term serious condition that drains our energy and focus. This

Do You Have the Unemployment Blues?

A few hours ago you were feeling competent and content. Maybe even a bit cocky, wondering if it was time for a new challenge. Suddenly, all that is out the window. You’ve lost your job and your world has changed. Why does joblessness cause such low self-esteem? Part of healthy self-esteem is a realistic appreciation