Post-diagnostic support to help you thrive as an adult with ADHD/ADD

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ADHD Post-Diagnosis Support - Harley Therapy™ London

Have an ADHD diagnosis, and unsure how to manage? 

An adult ADHD or ADD diagnosis can be a tremendous relief. Finally, you understand the challenges you have long faced. And yet you are still left having to navigate your life and issues. This is where adult ADHD support and coaching comes in.

What is ADHD coaching? 

Coaching is a professional partnership between you and someone who is trained to help you reach your potential. Instead of dwelling on the past, coaching focuses on what you can do in the here and now to create the future you want.

ADHD coaching helps you move forward in life despite having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It helps you understand how ADHD or ADD is affecting things, and gives you practical tools to effectively cope. 

What can an ADHD coach help with?

Coaching is "skills-based", meaning it teaches you new ways of seeing and being. Working with an ADHD coach can help you with:

  • achieving goals and finishing tasks
  • being more organised
  • managing emotional difficulties like impatience
  • having focus, and focussing on the right things 
  • controlling impulsive behaviour like overspending
  • growing self-esteem
  • prioritising what matters
  • reducing procrastination
  • managing relationships better. 

Find out how we can help you 

Ready to take charge of your life, feel confident, and thrive despite your ADHD? Call us now on 020 8003 4155 or complete our online booking form to make a confidential appointment with our ADHD Coach, or with one of our ADHD support therapists in London. 

Why does ADHD support matter? 

A diagnosis as an adult means you have struggled with attention issues since a child. You'll also likely have had to navigate the co-occuring mental health issues adult ADHD tends to come with, such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.  

And along the way you will have developed your own ways of coping, like pushing people away when you are overwhelmed, or walking away from and sabotaging careers and hobbies you actually like. The end result of your negative coping methods tends to look like money problems, relationship issues, and a life that never sees you reach your potential.

Medication can help ease symptoms, and online forums and ADHD support groups can help us feel less lonely. But they can all only go so far when it comes to overcoming our negative coping patterns. 

The benefits of ADHD coaching 

Treating ADHD with therapy and coaching, on the other hand, can make a huge difference. ADHD coaching offers you:

  • a judgement-free space to be yourself 
  • tools you can use to troubleshoot all areas of your life
  • recognition of the gifts ADHD has given you, and how to grow them
  • support to create a life and relationships that you feel good in. 

ADHD post-diagnostic support at Harley Therapy™ with Dr Maria Daves

Dr Maria Daves is a counselling psychologist and ADHD coach with 15+ years of experience in mental health settings. She uses an integrative approach to tailor unique treatment plans to each client, drawing upon cognitive-behavioural, existentialism, and psychodynamic models as well as schema-informed therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), and compassion-focused therapy (CFT). For more information see her full profile here. 

Further reading about ADHD and ADD in adults 

Adult ADHD support groups and online forums 


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How can you help an adult with ADHD?

You can help an adult with ADHD by diagnosing them correctly and then by looking at the various treatment options available to them, including cognitive behavioural therapy and medication.

Is ADHD a disability in the UK?

ADHD is deemed a disability in the UK if it causes significant and long-term problems and so the college or workplace of an adult with ADHD must make “reasonable adjustments”.


How do adults get tested for ADHD in the UK?

NHS ADHD testing for adults can be a lengthy and unpredictable process, with a high diagnostic threshold. For many, consulting a private practitioner is the best way to get help.

Is public and private support available for adult ADHD in the UK?

Yes, there are many free or low-fee support groups for adult ADHD in the UK, as well as some NHS support but at present, many people use private practitioners.

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