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Has a trauma or series of difficult experiences thrown a shadow over your life? Live in a fog, or always scanning for danger? Suffer depression, anxiety, low self-esteem? EMDR can help. 

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What is EMDR therapy?

EMDR, or ‘eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing’, is a unique and interactive brain training therapy that is evidence-based and recommended by both the NHS and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). 

Also called 'rapid eye movement therapy', it is designed specifically to free you from the emotional charge of traumatic experiences, leaving you resilient and able to move on. 

How does eye movement therapy work?  

EMDR engages your brain in sensory stimulations at the same time as you are guided through talking about difficult past events. This can mean things like following a light or moving pencil with your eyes, or listening to alternating beeps. While it might at first sound odd, research suggests that these types of distractions cause a loosening of negative 'stuck' memories and the emotional charge they hold. Memories can then be reregistered as less vivid, or 'desensitised' [1]. 

You don’t even have to get into great detail about the experience for it to work, which means EMDR can be effective even if you don't like to talk about your past. 

EMDR therapy for PTSD, anxiety, and other issues

EMDR treatment is thought helpful for the following:

  • anger issues 
  • anxiety and depression
  • difficult memories
  • emotional numbness 
  • fears and phobias
  • traumatic incidents and accidents
  • work-related trauma 
  • PTSD and complex PTSD.

Does EMDR have side effects? 

Worried about the dangers of EMDR therapy? Like any sort of talk therapy, you might feel emotionally drained and vulnerable after. Or like you need some time to yourself, much like you would after sharing a long held secret with a friend.  But otherwise, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing is a completely safe experience. 

The benefits of EMDR counselling 

Benefits of eye movement desensitisation therapy can include: 

  • feel more energy and less numbness 
  • clearer thinking and focus 
  • stop always scanning for danger and feel safer 
  • leave the past behind
  • build resilience to navigate future challenges 
  • raise your self-esteem
  • manage situations instead of hide from them 
  • feel hopeful about the future again. 

EMDR at Harley Therapy™ London

We recognise that coming to therapy requires courage. We ensure you are in excellent hands by only connecting you with highly trained, expert psychotherapists and counselling psychologist with years of experience.

Time to Feel Hope Again? 

Interested in therapy for PTSD? Or EMDR for anxiety, depression, or other issues?  Call us now to make an appointment with an expert EMDR therapist in London or for EMDR online. You can also register your interest via our online booking form


*[1] How eye movements affect unpleasant memories: Support for a working-memory accountGunter R.W.Bodner G.E. (2008)  Behaviour Research and Therapy,  46  (8) , pp. 913-931.
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