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Teenager Counselling in London

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Do you have a teen who is struggling? From exams and deadlines, to the pressures of growing up, and the endless comparison game social media encourages, teenagers face many challenges. If they feel unsupported or overwhelmed, the result can be depression, identity issues, stress and anxiety, low self-esteem, bad habits, eating disorders, and relational difficulties.

It is estimated that only one in four young people in the UK who actually need mental health services receive help1, even when talk therapy is often a very successful treatment.

Benefits of teenager counselling

Psychological therapy for your teen offers them:

  • a safe, unpressured space to relax and be authentic
  • the chance to figure out who they are and what they want to be
  • unbiased support for issues they are facing like bullying or LGBTQ+ issues
  • help with communication skills and self-expression 
  • the abiilty to see bigger perspectives and recognise their own values
  • tools to raise their confidence and manage their thoughts and emotions
  • a focus on their strengths and not just their weaknesses
  • coping skills to manage the challenges ahead.

Let us help your teen to help themselves

We'll connect your teen with a psychotherapist or psychologist who has significant experience in working with young adults. Among the specialists are psychotherapist Philippa Donald, clinical psychologist Gemma Allison, and child and teen psychotherapist Theodora Savvidou.

Call us today on 020 8003 4155 or complete our online booking form to reserve a first appointment and help your teenager feel better about their life.

What issues can adolescent psychotherapy help?

If you have a teenager who is showing signs of adolescent psychological problems, then counselling could help. This might look like:

  • difficulty in coping with daily life 
  • excessive worrying and anxiety
  • extended period of depression and lethargy
  • negativity and hoplessness
  • identity and sexuality issues
  • noticeable changes in eating and sleeping
  • struggling at school or not wanting to go 
  • putting themselves down 
  • changes in personality or acting out
  • volatile moods 
  • troublesom habits
  • unexplained medical symptoms or constant colds/flu
  • social withdrawal. 

What is a session of teenager counselling like? 

Counselling for teenagers uses all the same principles as adult therapy. It is based on developing a relationship of trust and openness, using active listening, reflecting back, and asking questions. The idea is to open up new perspectives, as well as help your teen focus on their strengths. And depending on the approach the counsellor is using, sessions might include practical exercises to help your teen deal with their thoughts and emotions.

How is teen therapy different than adult therapy? 

The difference is that teenager counselling can be more underpinned by strategies from developmental psychology. A teen is in the phase of life where they are still determining what their identity is, who they are apart from their family and peer groups, and what values they will lead their life from. 

Adolescent therapy - The Harley Therapy™ approach

All the psychologists and teenager counsellors at Harley Therapy™ have specific training, and have undergone a CRB check. They are experts in their field who work with teenagers as it is their passion and interest. 


1 According to The Local Government Association, January 2022. 

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All of our practitioners are qualified and accredited with reputable professional associations for counselling and psychotherapy.

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Adolescent Counselling in London


Issues for Teenage Therapy

How do I find the right therapy for a teenager?

Each therapist in the UK will have their own speciality, so search for adolescent therapists and focus on practitioners with experience in the areas you’re looking for support in.

Can you get family counselling on the NHS?

You can get family counselling on the NHS, but there may be lengthy waiting lists and a limit to the number of sessions available to you for free.

Can a 16-year-old go to therapy?

Once a child reaches age 16 in the UK they can agree to (or refuse) any treatment or therapy. A 16-year-old child can go to therapy alone and expect confidentiality.

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