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Time to check in with yourself? A yearly mental health assessment keeps you on track

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Updated Aug 11, 2021 by Dr. Sheri Jacobson Dr Sheri Jacobson

Mental Health Assessment in London

  • Not your best self lately? 
  • Feeling unsettled, anxious, and unable to connect with those around you?
  • Want to feel back in control, but aren’t sure where to start? 
  • Or just want assurance that you are doing all the right things when it comes to your wellbeing? 

Time for your yearly mental health assessment? 

In the same way we benefit from a physical checkup, sometimes it's our mental health that requires attention.  Modern life comes with unexpected challenges that can throw us off track. Or we can be so busy trying to achieve and keep up with those around us, we lose perspective. We suspect we could feel better, but we don't know where to start, and we need reliable advice. 

The Harley Therapy™ Wellbeing Assessment

A mental health screening with an objective professional can give you the clarity you need. Get quickly to the root of any imbalance, identify positive choices you've overlooked, and find the best ways forward.  

Our Wellbeing MOT includes: 

  • a comprehensive emotional and mental health assessment
  • a bespoke roadmap for moving forward with any issues and challenges
  • tailored recommendations for further avenues of treatment (if required)
  • a follow up call to answer any further questions you might have. 

Be more of who you really are

Paying attention to your mental health and wellbeing aligns you with the very heart of who you are, meaning you can benefit from:

  • better focus
  • raised self-esteem
  • higher resilience
  • a stronger sense of self
  • less stress and anxiety
  • more energy and improved sleep
  • a renewed sense of purpose and direction
  • being balanced and calmer at work and at home
  • feeling connected to others and less lonely 
  • improved goal setting in line with your values.

Assess your mental health at Harley Therapy™ London

At Harley Therapy you are in safe hands. All our therapists trained top institutions, have a minimum of seven years experience, and are fully accredited and registered. Call us now on 020 8003 4152  to discuss your wellbeing assessment, or use our online booking form

What happens after my mental health assessment? 

Again, a follow up call is included as part of your assessment package. And your assessing therapist will discuss next steps with you, including the types of talk therapy they feel you might benefit from, should they feel there is a need. 

If they feel there is any sort of possible mental health disorder or condition that could benefit from medication, you can also be referred on to a psychiatrist for proper diagnosis.

When you feel better, others feel better

Scottish writer R.L. Stevenson suggested, "There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world".

When you priortise your wellbeing, those around you benefit. You are more able to support and share with friends, family, colleagues, and your community.  

Further reading on mental and emotional wellbeing 


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Wellbeing Assessment in London

Issues for Wellbeing

  • addictions
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • lack of purpose
  • life balance issues 
  • loneliness
  • relationship problems
  • sleep problems
  • stress 
  • substance overuse
  • workplace stress.
What is a wellbeing assessment?

A wellbeing assessment is a quick check-up of your mental and emotional health to see if you’re feeling happy, engaged and resilient in your life and to troubleshoot any issues.

Typically, how much does a wellbeing assessment cost in London?

You can expect to pay £350 for a wellbeing assessment in London and your assessment will include a personalised roadmap for improving any problem areas.

Does Harley Therapy offer wellbeing assessments in London?

Harley Therapy has a number of mental health professionals who can provide you with a wellbeing assessment, as well as with your personalised roadmap and a follow-up call.

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