Integrative therapy combines different forms of therapy to best suit your needs. 

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Integrative Therapy in London

  • Looking to try a long-term psychotherapy, but can't decide what type is right for you?
  • Do you wish you could try several different ones?
  • Or worry one type alone wouldn't be sufficient for the issues you are facing? 

Integrative therapy is for you.

What is integrative therapy and how does it work?

An integrative therapist in trained in several different types of counselling and psychotherapy that can include psychoanalytical, humanistic, and cognitive behavioural therapies, as well as tools like mindfulness

An increasingly popular type of therapy in the UK, integrative therapy combines a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches and tools together in a way that suits you personally, and best works to help you find life balance.  

The goal is about integrating you as a person. Your therapist will look carefully at how the different parts of you work together. How your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, as well as physical and spiritual health, are combining or clashing.

What can I expect from a session? 

Your integrative therapist at Harley Therapy™ will take a very thorough assessment and make sure they know you and your issues well before deciding on the best way forward. 

Depending on what approaches you together decide to use, that might include talking about your past, reflecting on your desired future, and then doing practical exercises to balance your thinking. 

Despite your therapy using different psychotherapeutic theories, your sessions will still have an overall structure and cohesiveness that works to support you and ensure progress. 

What is integrative therapy recommended for? 

Integrative therapy can be helpful for the following issues: 


What results can I expect? 

Attending sessions with an integrative therapist can help you to:  

  • understand what is causing you challenges in life
  • recognise what triggers you into unhelpful behaviours
  • try new behaviours that bring better results in life and relationships
  • move beyond limitations you thought you had
  • feel more balanced within and about your life in general
  • set goals that you feel good about
  • reach greater potential of mind, body and spirit
  • begin to approach life in a more open and available way.

Be more available to yourself and your life - the Harley Therapy™ approach

The aim of integrative therapy is not to 'change' you, but to help you find a balance within yourself that sees you become the best version of who you already are.  

During all your appointments your therapist is committed to your personal growth, to seeing you as the unique indiviual that you are, and to creating an open, warm, and empathic environment for you to learn about yourself in. 

Do you offer integrative therapy near me?

Thinking you’d like to try an integrative therapy session? We offer appointments in London at Harley Street, City of London, or London Bridge. Not able to get to London, or overseas? You can also work with an integrative therapist via online sessions. Call us now or book using our online booking tool.  

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How effective is integrative therapy?

The effectiveness of integrative therapy is based on the same principles of effectiveness as all other talk therapies. Factors that determine your results include how committed you are to the sometimes arduous process of therapy, and if this format of therapy suits your personality and learning style. Integrative therapy is often a good choice for people who like variety and options over rigidity and 'sameness'. 

Then a big part of the effectiveness of therapy is if you and your therapist can find that special 'click'. Most people who come to therapy have trust issues, but the point is to find a therapist you respect and can learn to trust with time, as therapy is actually a relationship. 

Finally, there is research to turn to. Many integrative therapists use approaches that are heavily evidence-based (proven by research to work) like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness. And integrative therapies in general were found by research to help with things like anxiety, depression, and personality disorders (read more in this study). 

What does an integrative therapist do?

An integrative therapist combines different psychotherapeutic approaches and tools to help you feel balanced in your life, better about yourself, and better able to cope. 

What are integrative therapy examples?

Each integrative therapist can combine a unique set of psychotherapeutic approaches, depending on their own training and what they think would work best for you. Most therapists are trained in the popular therapies, which here in the UK are currently CBT, mindfulness, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. From there they might also work with a wide range of other talk therapies, including schema therapy, cognitive analytical therapy (CAT), dialectial behaviour therapy (DBT), transactional analysis, and Gestalt therapy. If you are wanting to try certain therapies call us for a chat about what therapist might provide what you are looking for. 

How much does therapy cost in London?

The cost of therapy in London can vary widely. It depends on the therapist's training, experience, and expertise. Here at Harley Therapy™ London our therapists have a minimum of seven years postgraduate experience, if not much more. And are trained at top institutions and hand-picked for being amongst the best in their field. So while they certainly are not the cheapest therapists in London, you are in safe, effective hands. Our therapists start at £180 a session. For more information on an exact therapist, just give our friendly team a call. 

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