Menopause can be as hard on our mental health as our physical health 

Menopause counselling London

Menopause Support London

  • Feeling tired, anxious, and not yourself now that your hormonal profile is shifting? 
  • Through the menopause, but finding the adjustment harder than expected?
  • Or experienced early menopause with little to no warning and feeling a bit shellshocked? 

Feeling alone and ashamed

While the UK is ahead of other countries when it comes to menopause education, it is still a subject that is new to the public arena. 

Many women report feeling alone in their menopause struggles, and embarrassed to share their symptoms with family and friends, or talk to their employer. This isn’t helped if a  visit to the GP sees you brushed off, misdiagnosed with just anxiety, or handed antidepressants with no real support or understanding. 

A survey of 5,000 women found that 18 per cent had to visit their doctor six times before getting the help they needed. [1]

Menopause in the UK

But you are not alone. Approximately 13 million women are experiencing menopause related symptoms here in the UK at any one time. [2]

And your struggles are not 'in your head'. For some women, menopause is a long, difficult journey. Perimenopause,  from when your hormonal profile starts to shift to the moment you have not had a menstrual cycle for six months, often lasts for four to eight years. But in some cases it can last up to 15. You can also continue to experience symptoms for up to four years after your period has stopped entirely.  

Other women experience few to no symptoms but enter menopause early, which can be its own form of trauma. Or are thrown into menopause as result of surgery. The NHS estimates that up to 10 per cent of women are through the menopause by aged 40, called ‘premature menopause’. 

Menopause and mental health

We all know the physical symptoms of menopause by now, from night sweats and hot flushes, to appetite changes, weight gain, and sleep problems. But the years around menopause are also a time where many women also experience 'brain fog' and altered moods. 

An independent British study that interviewed over three thousand women found that 47 per cent of those with menopausal symptoms felt depressed, and more than a third reported issues with anxiety. [3]

Is my anxiety and depression hormone related?

Scientists looking to discover the exact link between menopause and moods concluded that while a small percentage of women only experience anxiety and depression because of hormones, it’s more often a multifaceted issue. [4]

We need to have wider conversations that take into account all that women are dealing with at this crucial time of life. 

Fior example, the physical symptoms of menopause and ageing, such as a lowered sex drive and weight gain, can alone cause self-esteem and identity issues. 

Menopause also hits at the same time many women are dealing with life challenges like children leaving home, taking care of elderly parents, and divorce. 

Does my mental health matter?  

The anxiety, depression and mental fog that menopause can bring can affect all areas of our life. We can find that we are:

  • pushing away those we love
  • snapping at our children 
  • no longer feeling at home in our own bodies
  • struggling to connect with our partner or friends
  • neglecting our self-care and physical health 
  • feeling alone and misunderstood
  • having negative thoughts or even feeling self-destructive
  • relying on substances like drinking too much alcohol or food bingeing
  • not doing well at work. 

According to the Menopause Charity, 10 per cent of women in the UK leave their jobs because of menopause symptoms. 

The benefits of talk therapy for menopause 

Menopause counselling provides a confidential and safe space to: 

  • process your thoughts and feelings
  • feel heard and understood at last around your menopause concerns 
  • learn techniques for handling stress, negative thinking, and low moods
  • troubleshoot family relationship problems, work issues, or health concerns
  • discuss your changing life roles and identity
  • set new life goals and have support to bring them to fruition. 

Menopause counselling at Harley Therapy™ London

We recognise the difficulties women face trying to find menopause support in the UK. And we provide you with hand-selected, carefully vetted therapists who are highly rated experts in their field and truly care about their clients. 

Furthermore, we have a registered GP on our team as well as several psychiatrists, should you need further specialised support. 

Ready to feel yourself again? 

Call us today or complete our online booking form for a confidential first session with one of our highly experienced menopause counsellors in the City of London, Canary Wharf, Harley Street or London Bridge. We look forward to helping you.

Further reading on menopause

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