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After a period of extreme anxiety which resulted in exhaustion and low mood I reluctantly made the decision to seek some support. Dr Cappai was reassuring and helpful from our very first session. We discussed treatment options throughly, without any pressure to take a particular route. I felt reassured by her confidence in the treatment option we together decided upon. Sure enough, after just 3 weeks I felt so much better, and able to return to the things I previously loved.
- For Dr Alessandra Cappai, Anon, 06/03/24

I was extremely satisfied with the therapy I received from Victoria. It made a material positive difference to me. Thank you very much for this.
- For Victoria Regan, Anon, 18/10/23

Dr Olena Edwards helped me so much in my marriage, giving me clarity and support through such a difficult time in my life. She was incredibly helpful when it came to serious issues such as alcohol use disorder and trauma. I cannot recommend her enough. The Harley Therapy team were professional and it was very easy to book appointments with them as needed.
- For Dr Olena Edwards, Anon, 27/03/23

I worked with Olena Edwards for just under a year working around post-natal issues as well as relationship guidance. The sessions were very beneficial for me and Olena really helped me to see situations from a different perspective. She helped me gain confidence, assertiveness and appropriate boundaries. She is very passionate about her work and is able to give lots of in depth knowledge and references, which really helped me. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
- For Olena Edwards, Anon, 09/03/23

It is no overstatement to say that Dr Olena Edwards radically changed my life for the better. I would highly recommend her to anyone, and the quality of service at Harley Street generally. I am already advising friends and family to invest in their wellbeing at Harley Street. I am forever grateful to Dr Olena Edwards for the magic she worked. 
- For Dr Olena Edwards, Anon, 05/01/23

Dr Maria Daves - Thanks so much again for everything, the sessions were wonderful and everything has been immensely helpful.
- For Dr Maria Daves, Anon, 18/03/22

I am so grateful to you for all of your support of me and my boys!
- Anon, 11/01/22

My sessions with Maria came at a fairly critical point for me, and I am happy to say they've been incredibly helpful. Her direct but non-judgemental manner made hard topics easier to address head-on, which I really needed and appreciated. Reliably astute observations allowed me to really stop and consider my perspectives in a way I hadn't before. They also left nowhere to hide, which is exactly what one wants from a therapist! Maria helped me navigate obstacles that had previously felt insurmountable, and I'm happier as a result. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon, 19/11/20

I wanted to send an email to say thank you. My Son was diagnosed with ADHD, in May 2019, it has been life changing for him and us as a family I just wish I could of been in a position to of done it sooner in his life, I will be forever grateful to the psychiatrist and for your service, this has now been taken over by the nhs, please forward my gratitude to his Dr.
- Anon, 11/07/20

I am extremely satisfied by the professionalism and approach used by Yevgeniy. This therapy helped me enormously and I would strongly recommend anyone truly wanting to change to schedule sessions with Yevgeniy. Yevgeniy listens carefully, analyses and is able to understand very well the psychological situation and thought processes. He is very able in providing insight and novel ways of thinking about and viewing situations, which I have applied after each session. This was instrumental in helping me get better. Just to demonstrate the importance and effectiveness; we achieved far more in these sessions than the 2 years of therapy I had in Luxembourg, where I used to live before moving to the UK.
- For Dr Yevgeniy Starodubtsev, Anon, 10/04/20

I was able to make great progress for my mental health condition through my therapy sessions with Harley Therapy. My therapist, Dr Maxine King, provided an excellent service particularly through using CBT techniques and I noticed a significant improvement in my mental health condition following each session. Maxine also had great knowledge of my condition and was able to guide me through an excellent therapy/treatment plan which has worked very well for my recovery.
- For Dr Maxine King, Anon, 07/03/19

I have been working with my therapist during the past few years. She has professionally helped me deal with specific problems that I had in the past. She was extremely helpful in helping me find solutions to various problems I have faced. Through the excellent help from my therapist it is now possible for me to have a different and healthier approach to various situations. I would like to thank her very much for this excellent help and support that she has given me.
- Anon

Understanding therapist! Very understanding therapist. Took the time to listen and understand the situation - Flexible about timing, location (via Skype if needed) - Offering extra or follow-ups when needed.
- Anon, 07/02/19

I am writing to say thank you to you for helping me finally get the diagnosis and medication that I so need for my severe combination type ADHD. I am happy to report that my primary care physician has now taken over in helping me to get the 60mg Elvanse dispensed to me through the NHS. This is a wonderful testimony to what I see is the UK starting to take ADHD seriously as a mental health issue for women like me. However, none of this positive outcome would have been possible without your generous support and your professionalism. Thank you, dear Dr Humphries... you’ve changed my life for the better. Although I know that my struggles with ADHD will be a life long process, I feel hope. I can finally begin to reframe my life experience and see them in a whole new light. This diagnosis has helped me learn, for example, that I can move away from my shame and begin to discover a new self-dialogue; that of self-compassion.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries, Anon, 02/06/19

I went to Harley Therapy for ten months in total, and fully credit the experience with helping me completely overhaul areas of my life. I’d recommend the service to anyone who feels they need it, and would not hesitate to go back should I need to in the future, it was worth every penny. My therapist was an incredibly open-minded, understanding and empathetic person who made me feel that I could talk about anything. She really helped me to see things as they actually are, and not as I thought they were. I will be forever grateful.
- L, 11/02/19

I wasn't sure what to expect from therapy but my sessions have been invaluable. My therapist made me feel completely at ease discussing anything that was on my mind, and being able to let my guard down and express difficult emotions was a huge relief. We got to the bottom of damaging thought patterns and worked through tools to deal with them, which I feel confident using on my own now. Her patience, understanding and guidance have enabled me to make what I am confident will be lasting positive changes. I would definitely recommend her and I am very glad to know she is there if I need any future help. Thank you!
- Anon, 09/01/19

Theodora Savvidou has shown utmost support and guided me in a way which I thought that I could only hope for. Countless times I opened myself up to what I perceived as a stranger, by hysterically crying and using the safe space that she never failed to provide. Through the thick and thin, numerous tissues, anecdotes and stream of negative thoughts that I carried with me to every session, she remained a strong role model to an emotionally unstable teenager, and not only believed in me but managed to spark that same inkling of hope every single Thursday evening for a whole year. My mental health journey has been a battle, and without Theodora and the comforts of Harley Therapy, I am truly unsure where I would be. I am eternally grateful for this educational, strengthening and enlightening experience. I was taught to have faith in myself, and welcome all emotions; however good or bad, instead of suppressing them and letting them live inside of me. At a time where I had no friends, Theodora always welcomed me with a warm smile and space to cry without feeling embarrassed or scared. I would definitely recommend Harley Therapy to someone going through similar mental health struggles as through calming tasks of mindfulness, meditation, and self-reflection, I feel like I finally have my mind back. Two years ago I would never have imagined that my mental state would ever get better, and with the help that Harley Therapy and Theodora have given to me, I am finally strong enough to stand up to what I fear most: myself.
- For Theodora Savvidou, Anon, 18/12/18

Thank you for being such a fantastic and understanding person, not like a clinical Dr at at all, but more of a person who is 'real' and down to earth. You are the only Dr I have seen that understands the condition and pain I have felt, and I have also felt you knew exactly what I was going through. Thank you so much, you are a credit to the Medical Profession.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries, Anon

Having experienced therapy (good and bad, free and private) before, I wondered why Harley therapists had such a good reputation, and why they were quite a lot more expensive than others. After my sessions, it all made sense to me. I saw a fantastic therapist who provided a really welcoming and constructive environment for us to work together on my issues. She helped me identify my own issues, and also get over real hurdles in my life. She provided numerous resources that I am still working my way through. We would discuss them in sessions, starting with 'does this sound like you?', which helped her get a really good idea of what I was struggling with. She is extremely knowledgeable (about psychology, CBT and so many other things in life!) and incredibly well-read, and this means that she draws from a very deep well of resources to help her clients, and understand what they are going through. I have been so impressed, and completely trusted her guidance. She also has a very unique way of empathising with clients - it was not difficult at all to really get her to understand what I was going through, even though they felt like very idiosyncratic experiences and feelings! I really can't speak more positively about her! And the process with the Harley Therapy group was also seamless - I was seen very quickly, payments were made very easily, and they have a variety of time slots and locations to choose from. Really brilliant.
- Anon, 12/07/18

Though Harley Therapy is expensive, very expensive, I would recommend them 100% to anyone who is in a financial position to do so. I myself am not wealthy and have spent rather a lot of money on therapy here but I can say wholeheartedly that it was the best decision I have ever made. I have been using Harley Therapy for about 2 years now on and off and can honestly say that it most probably saved my life. My sessions with Jane Robinson felt safe and really gave me the opportunity to open up. She is the most professional, compassionate and non-judgemental therapist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I can not praise her enough - I genuinely do not have the words to describe what she has done for me in the past couple of years. I came into therapy with an onslaught of issues and at my worst could probably be quite difficult but Jane was always patient with me. My mental health and my ability to cope with life in general has come on leaps and bounds and I am able to regulate my emotions faster and more clearly now. I genuinely enjoyed my sessions with Jane and never felt uncomfortable (beyond the usual realms of psychoanalysis). It isn't an exaggeration to say that Jane saved my life - I have no idea where I would be without this therapy. Harley Therapy have always been brilliant with appointment reminders, invoices etc. I am just so grateful for this service.
- For Jane Robinson , Annie, 22/10/18

I was able to make great progress for my mental health condition through my therapy sessions with Harley Therapy. My therapist, Dr Maxine King, provided an excellent service particularly through using CBT techniques and I noticed a significant improvement in my mental health condition following each session. Maxine also had great knowledge of my condition and was able to guide me through an excellent therapy/treatment plan which has worked very well for my recovery.
- For Dr Maxine King, Anon

Dear Dr Stephen Humphries, Thank you for the report I requested and thank you for everything. Truly you are the best. Best Regards
- For Dr Stephen Humphries, Anon, 28/03/16

Your time and effort was greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your help.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon, 12/07/16

I have sought treatment for my condition, which I was skeptical about, but this treatment has turned my life around and for that I am eternally grateful to Dr Stephen Humphries and Harley Therapy.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries, Anon

I started the sessions with Dr Matt Kemsley feeling at a dead end in dealing with my anxiety, I never imagineed I would feel how I do now 8 months down the line. The conversations we had every week always had me feeling so positive about the way things were heading. Thank you Matt!
- For Dr Matt Kemsley, Anon, 9/02/16

Thank you very much for seeing me and being so kind during the appointment. Thank you again.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon, 21/07/16

I want to thank you for the amazing support you have given X. She has started a new job, and taken a trip by herself, and this is someone who hasn’t been out of the house in two years. I will never be able to thank you enough, you have given X her life back, and have given me my daughter back too. You are a fantastic person and incredibly talented Consultant.
- Anon

Dr Stephen Humphries sets impossibly high standards for other medical professionals - he is exceptionally well-informed, effective, and pleasant to interact with. Before my first appointment, I was nervous about the prospect of an ADHD diagnosis. However, the treatment I was prescribed solved many symptoms I used to view as untreatable: extreme impatience, overall dissatisfaction, and even some unhealthy patterns of self-judgement. For the first time in years, I feel relaxed and in control. I no longer avoid new challenges, and I participate in activities I used to miss out on. Dr Stephen Humphries is always courteous, non-judgmental and helpful with adjusting the treatment to lifestyle factors - I cannot recommend him enough.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries, Anon, 13/07/16

I’m so over the moon with her progress she quite simply has amazed me, thank you again for your hard work and dedication towards my daughter, I have finally got my daughter back.
- Anon

I saw Dr Stephen Humphries in his Harley street ADHD clinic last week, he was very clear and easy to understand and explained things to me. It was brilliant to finally find a resolution to my problems and get the help i so desperately needed. I would recommend Dr Humphries to anybody experiencing similar problems, its only been a week and my symptoms are improving already!
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon, 30/07/16

I couldn’t stop crying while reading the report. No one ever understood and described my daughter's struggle better….I FINALLY feel that there is someone who knows what she is going through and how to help her. Every single world echoed with the pain in my heart but at the same time with the relief that we are going to get help that will change her life for better. The work behind the report is so thorough and meticulous, every singe word was carefully analysed and given a deep description - this work is phenomenal and priceless. No words will ever describe how grateful we are.
- Anon

This is just to thank you for your help with regards to my ADHD problems, the treatment is working really well and I'm so glad I've been able to do in the last couple of months the work I wasn't able to do in many years.
-ForDr Stephen Humphries, Anon

Dear Dr Stephen Humphries, I thank you, doctor, for your professionalism and that of your ability to identify the core issues that [the client] is struggling with. I also thank you for the concise and personable manner in which you conveyed your findings to us. [The client] felt the consultation went well and is more than pleased with its outcome.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries, Anon

I will be adding Dr Stephen Humphries to our list of experts and recommending him for instruction by my employment law, criminal and personal injury colleagues.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Dr Stephen Humphries after the appointment today. He was great, very understanding and has made me feel especially positive about my future sessions.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon

It was a pleasure to meet you today and thank you for all the help for my daughter.
- Anon

Our sessions with Dr Maria Vella were invaluable. Her knowledge, experience and approach ensured that together we identified, addressed and successfully resolved issues which we would never have been able to achieve alone, or through other forms of relationship counselling. We would absolutely recommend her to others and are so pleased we chose Maria as our therapist.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon, 07/07/16

Please thank Dr Stephen Humphries for providing such a thorough, clear and professional report so promptly.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon

Please accept my most sincere gratitude for your world class expertise and integrity. It is no exaggeration that it has already had a tremendous impact and will continue to change my life.
- For a Psychiatrist, Anon, 28/01/16

I have to say Dr Stephen Humphries has captured very accurately the picture that I strongly suspected, so please do thank him very much indeed.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon

Please pass on our thanks to Dr Stephen Humphries. The report is clear, concise and excellent.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon

Thank you so much for all of your help, it really has changed my life for the better.
- Anon, 8/02/16

Thank you so much for introducing me to Philippa Donald, I think she is a wonderful therapist. (Jan 2016)
- For Philippa Donald, Anon, 19/01/16

Dr Humphries was very understanding and explained things to me very well. I would most definitely recommend Dr Stephen Humphries to anyone else with similar problems [Adult ADHD].
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon

Not knowing what to expect, the prospect of therapy can be very frightening. However, Dr Matt Kemsley immediately put me at ease which meant I could get the most out of the process.
- For Dr Matt Kemsley, Anon

Many thanks for all of your help and support during the most trying time of my life.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries, Anon, 04/12/15

Very nice intelligent caring doctor that seems to only want the best for his patients success, health and mental state he is understanding, helpful and intelligent.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries, Anon, 11/10/15

Thank you very much indeed for your report, and for working so hard to get it done.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon

My meeting with Dr Stephen Humphries was very straight to the point and coherent. We addressed the issues directly and I was pleased by the fashion in which he calibrated my current prescriptions. I hope that our psychiatric relationship will continue to be as efficient as the first meeting was!
- For Dr Stephen Humphries, Anon, 22/10/15

Dr Stephen Humphries, So far it has been life changing. I feel much better, more relaxed and able to concentrate/multi task without build up of stress. I only wish I had seen you much sooner.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon

Hi there, we wanted to say thanks for the outstanding report as we feel like you really 'get [child]' and we also feel a great sense of relief at being understood and supported as parents.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon

Thank you for your help, and please thank Dr Stephen Humphries for his. I will certainly highly recommend your services to others.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon

I found Jane Robinson's approach professional and the sessions helpful.
- For Jane Robinson, Anon, 22/09/15

I truly cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for [our teenage daughter].
- For Theodora Savvidou, Anon, 20/07/15

Dear Dr Jacobson, I have been attending weekly sessions with Michelle Bassam since early 2014... I started my search for a therapist on the Internet and Harley Street was the obvious place to start my search for expert treatment in London. Once I found your website (which is presented very well) I began to browse the therapists/counsellors as I knew a little about what I was looking for - Michelle was one of my choices given her broad expertise. Over the last year or so Michelle has worked with me to help me identify the real deep rooted issues I was battling, address my hurt and physical and mental pain (which resulted in anger mgt issues I felt) and begin to develop a sense of myself, someone I can now be proud of. My goal was to stop feeling depressed and distressed, but Michelle has helped me achieve so much more through therapy. Michelle talks to me about me being equipped now with tools in my toolbox, but I'm writing to commend Michelle on her 'toolbox' of amazing knowledge, skills and experience that I have been lucky enough to benefit from. As a result of my sessions with Michelle I now have peace and confidence to be myself - I haven't ever had this. And all in time for the birth of my daughter who is due to arrive any day now. I'm extremely grateful to Michelle and Harley Therapy. Thank you.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon, 14/08/15

A first class therapist and I would recommend her without any reservation. Her methods, approach and compassionate focus have been crucial to my recovery. She worked with a determination and belief that I will always be grateful for. She cares deeply. I arrived broken and I have left her with so many strategies to be and stay well, feeling strong and free.
- Anon, 28/03/16

My session was really helpful - please thank her for her kindness and patience, and for giving me this time.
- Anon, 28/03/16

Please send my warmest regards to Dr Stephen Humphries. Throughout the many years and many medical professionals I have seen, no one as been as attentive and forward thinking for the needs of the patient, as himself. I am incredibly appreciative of what he has done and is doing currently for me.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries, ADHD Client, 30/09/14

I attended counselling sessions with Michelle Bassam for 12 weeks and I found her to be superb. She has a warm, engaging personality that instantly puts you at ease. She is excellent at knowing the right questions to ask and ensuring you look to within yourself for the answers. She is very clear and precise and I took something away from all of my counselling sessions. She was a huge assistance to me at a time when I was searching for a lot of answers. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for a warm, friendly, empathetic and downright excellent counsellor. (December 2014)
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon, 12/12/14

I thought she was wonderful, really considerate and sincere with her professionalism.
- Anon, 16/02/16

We wanted to say she (Caroline Powell) has been fantastic and a great help to us both.
- For Caroline Powell, Anon, 02/11/14

I have found the time spent seeing her (Caroline Powell) has been of great benefit to myself.
- For Caroline Powell, Anon, 13/09/14

I had three introductory sessions and then a course of continuous sessions for three months with Jane Robinson. The Harley Therapy Group was great in administering the appointments, sending reminders and re-arranging sessions if necessary. But what I’m really grateful for is the high quality analysis and service that Jane provided. Though a series of exercises and examinations, I was able to view and analyse myself (and relationships/situations) in different ways. I found Jane’s approach to be insightful, intuitive and focused, which is what I need. This has been a life changing experience for me. I would recommend this to anyone who needs change from the status quo and is willing to invest (money - yes, but more importantly time and effort) into their future – in their own thinking, attitude and approach.
- For Jane Robinson, Anon

You (Harley Therapy) are truly the best and I am so pleased with your fast response professionalism and your understanding approach in dealing with patients.
- Anon

With thanks for your consistently professional and supportive approach.
- Anon

Thanks for your support during this time. It really has been a very simple process dealing with the centre, much needed at a personally very tricky time.
- Anon

Dear Harley Therapy and Dr. Sheri !
Thank you for providing this opportunity even though I am geographically distant and not able to avail good quality therapeutic sessions but thanks to you , you have made this possible ! I began seeing Michelle Bassam, my lovely therapist who assisted me in this journey non-judgementally and provided a safe environment after a profoundly negative therapeutic experience in the past marketed under the guise of CBT , but in reality was a narcissistic charlatan employing shame/intimidation/thought reform/intense invalidation and gaslighting/phobia induction ,and the results were very very damaging , I was paranoid , frustrated , angry , depressed , confused and quite anxious ! Inspite of that , with Michelle's unwavering support and safe therapeutic environment , and non imposing of any stereotypical therapeutic framework or any ideologies , and getting to know the client , I was able through months of work to overcome that experience and make sense of it! There was no spoon feeding involved ( for good reasons - helps in autonomy , and avoids dependency by client) , ... Michelle reinstituted my faith in what a sound therapeutic practice is , and what is non-mainstream techniques used by charlatans and hucksters . Michelle is a credit to Harley therapy and her profession as well ! I finally have my freedom of mind away from the brainwashing and authoritarian indoctrination from my past experience , and my own intuition ,my own thoughts, my own values and my own life living it uniquely as I wish to do so , without undue influence! Good luck Dr.Sheri on Harley Therapy and would love to see you all do very well professionally and personally as well !
Kind regards
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon

Thank you. I look forward to next week. She [Laura Oates] is amazing. I am getting a lot out of the sessions already.
- For Laura Oates, Anon

Over the past year, I've worked with Melanie Demarco to better-understand a number of personal issues, as well as overcome addiction. I found her to be thoughtful, exceptionally intelligent and highly professional. I was able to build a rapport with her early-on in therapy and trusted her advice. I think that she is an asset to your organisation.
- For Melanie Demarco, Anon

Thank you so much for all your help. I think you have made a real difference to my life and I am able to see with much more clarity what is typically going on for me, especially in the area of my relationship.
- For Caroline Powell, Anon

Melanie, many thanks for all your help and support. It really changed my life.
- Anon

Michelle Bassam was fantastic. She was very understanding and was able to pick out my main issues without me actually telling her. She was very comforting and as I was able to express exactly how I felt which was a very good feeling. She gave me hope and made me realise that everything that I was going through was completely normal. Highly recommended.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon

Even though I have only worked with you for a short time I gained much from the sessions. I valued your presence and way of working enormously. I now refer to you when talking to my close friends and family and you have become a household name!
- Anon

Thank you so much for all your help when my husband and I were having a difficult time. Highly recommend Caroline's therapy services.
- For Caroline Powell, Anon

Stefan was kind, friendly and really was there to help.
- For Stefan Walters, Anon

Dear Michelle Bassam, I just wanted to write and thank you for your time, patience and understanding towards me at such a difficult time in my life.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon

The two and a half years I spent in weekly sessions with Melanie Demarco coincided with very formative years of my life, from ages 19 to 21. A lot of changes were happening around me—in my environment, in my family, and in my friendships—and Melanie helped me make sense of these changes while allowing me to find my own place, my sense of self, and my values among them. It was a true gift that every week I could go to this space of calm. Before I had a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, but having Melanie’s support guided me through very tough episodes as well as many experiences of joy. Thank you for making a positive difference in my life and my relationships.
- For Melanie Demarco, Anon, 20/08/16

I found speaking with her very beneficial and she put me very much at ease. I feel as though I have clarity now around issues that were causing me anxiety, and more importantly an action plan mapped out, so a very big thank you to her for her help.
- Anon

When we started our weekly sessions I was in a low place. For the most part I didn't even realise that things were getting serious and it took me a while to open up to Melanie Demarco and let her help me understand where my issues came from and what I could do about them. Put simply, she has turned my world around and changed my life immeasurably. She combined professionalism with understanding, humanity and patience and was never afraid to challenge me when I needed it. I fully trusted her judgment and was immensely grateful for her support - even if it was just that I knew she was there when things weren't great. My life, and the way I feel about myself today, are worlds away from how I was feeling when I first started seeing Melanie and I highly commend her for her work, for which I will undoubtedly remain indebted to her for a long time to come.
- For Melanie Demarco, Anon

Thank you so much for your support over the past few months. I know you said you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, but the fact is that you led this horse to the right trough and that’s made all the difference! My life will never be quite the same.
- Anon

The counselling sessions have really turned my life around. I had previously had counselling but did not feel that I benefited from it as I did not feel comfortable with the sessions and did not learn anything which would help me with problem areas in my life. The difference with Lisa is that she really made me feel at ease and not only listened but taught me useful techniques to apply to every day situations. Furthermore she taught me to be a calmer person by teaching me to meditate on a daily basis. Six months ago, I was very depressed but I can honestly say that this is no longer the case. I am very grateful to Lisa for her help!
- Anon

I would rate my therapist as excellent. In [the] sessions I was able to come to some important conclusions, due to the intuitive and empathetic support of my therapist. I would recommend Harley Therapy to anyone who is looking for a similar service.
- Anon

A huge thank you to Michelle Bassam, great professional, always lovely and kind. THANK YOU I would not hesitate to recommend you.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon

My sessions were incredibly beneficial. My therapist immediately made me feel at ease discussing my issues and was able to help identify and dissect the background to my problems. The results of the sessions has been very positive and I'd strongly recommend my therapist and the counselling she provides.
- Anon

I just wanted to drop you a quick note, as I continue to work with Caroline Powell and I am pretty much a new person/back to my old self again. She has helped me tremendously and I am happier than I have been in the last 2 years. She is a very wise person and has guided me toward reconnecting with myself. I am very grateful indeed.
- For Caroline Powell, Anon

I have enjoyed my sessions with Laura Oates, the environment was warm and comfortable which encouraged me to feel at ease opening up to her. I feel stronger, more grounded and clear. The experience and guidance has been very valuable and I would not hesitate to come back if need be. Thank you Laura!!
- For Laura Oates, Anon

Enormous thanks to Michelle Bassam at Harley Therapy. I have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder since 1981. Since starting therapy with Michelle in September 2010 I have recovered immensely and am now eighty per cent free of PTSD symptoms. I can not speak highly enough of the therapy I have received at Harley Therapy, Michelle is extremely skilled at therapy using many techniques, with extreme sensitivity, to enormous benefit.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon

I just wanted to say a big thank you for giving me a highly-cherished space to talk/think and work out what I feel about people and events in my life. I really have appreciated my weekly sessions with you and looked forward to them very much. You have led me to my own conclusions – never putting false ideas into my head or speculating groundlessly. But you have made insightful observations which have assisted me in making connections which have helped me greatly. I have come to understand myself a lot better over the past year, particularly in my relationship. And I suppose because I understand myself better, I like myself more and am generally happier. So therapy has worked for me.
- Anon

I have learnt a lot of very interesting and useful things from you Laura and you are brilliant at your job.
- For Laura Oates, Anon

I have found the sessions hugely helpful and beneficial.
- Anon

I would like to thank Michelle Bassam for the invaluable counseling she provided to me during my recent sessions. Michelle made me extremely comfortable, enabling me to discuss a range of topics that led to a significantly improvement in my approach and outlook on life. Her counseling has improved my well-being and made me a much calmer person in both my personal and professional life. Her approach, comforting style and professional insight were very impressive. I continue to use her techniques in many daily situations with very positive outcomes. I am very grateful for the changes that Michelle has made to my life.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon, 22/07/16

I can not tell you how grateful I am for your help and guidance.
- Anon, 06/06/16

Thank you for all your help and guidance. I’ve really enjoyed working with you and feel that, with your help, I’ve made some big strides in terms of understanding myself and learning useful skills to help me lead a happier (and more sensible!) life. Your voice was always encouraging, challenging and humorous, and I know I will find it useful in the future to imagine your reactions as I go about challenging unhelpful thoughts with the techniques you’ve taught me so thoroughly. So thanks very much.
- Anon

I feel that I am moving forward in my healing and well being journey. Michelle Bassam - you have been very professional, perceptive, wise, understanding, and supportive throughout the process. You’ve helped me regain my life back. I can’t thank you enough.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon

I’d like to thank you for your time and kindness in listening to me and your helpful insights. I do admire you for your dedication to your profession. Thanks to your help I already feel better than I had been for some time. I feel that I have made a good start in overcoming my depression and the related problems in a relatively short period of time. Thanks again.
- Anon

I can’t thank you [Michelle Bassam] enough for all your help during a difficult time. You have been absolutely fantastic and a true star. Thank you so much again. PS - I have learnt a lot from you which has not only benefited me now but will be so useful through my career.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon, 17/07/16

I found Melanie Demarco's help and understanding invaluable and would recommend her services to anyone... I hope that you will pass on my sincerest thanks to Melanie personally for her professionalism and intelligent understanding of my situation, which led to a careful navigation back to health.
- For Melanie Demarco, Anon

After a deliberating over whether or not to take the step into therapy, I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My time in therapy allowed me to uncover and deal with many long standing issues, and with time, hard work and commitment to the sessions I have come out the other side barely recognising the person I was went I started. I felt that she truly cared about my progress, and she created a safe environment for me to talk and work through the issues I had been experiencing. Though it was not always easy, it has been a very positive experience that I believe will have lasting effects.
- Anon

I cannot thank you enough for your help this morning, you were truly amazing, kind, informative, not shocked, supportive, I think those words probably a precise of the mission statement of Harley Therapy and I haven’t even seen your Mission Statement.
- Anon, 28/07/15

My appointment was very helpful and interesting. I found Laura very knowledgeable, personable and easy to talk to.
- For Laura Oates, Anon

I am just about to have my last session with Michelle Bassam, and I would unreservedly recommend her insightful and invaluable relationship therapy, which has helped me to get through an extremely difficult time in my marriage, with the right outcome. She has been extremely supportive and has gone beyond the call of duty in providing me with help, encouragement and useful tools for the future. Thank you so much, Michelle - you have helped change my life for the better!
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help and support over the last few weeks. You are a first class therapist and have made a big difference in changing my outlook to be more positive, outgoing and to believe in myself more.
- Anon, 12/07/15

Maria made me see things I didn't want to see and she made me feel things I didn't want to feel. It was hard but the only way forward and for that I am truly very grateful.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon, 11/07/17

She was compassionate, insightful, patient and above all, genuine. I would like to thank Desiree for her invaluable support during a difficult time in my life.
- Anon

Caroline was extremely knowledgable and understanding. She made me feel very comfortable about talking about things. I enjoyed my time with her and she really helped me.
- For Caroline Powell, Anon

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help and support over the last few weeks. You are a first class therapist and have made a big difference in changing my outlook to be more positive, outgoing and to believe in myself more.
- Anon

I am now 59, and since my teens I have suffered periodic depression and attacks of anxiety. I had group and one-to-one counselling; but it was not until my doctor referred me to Michelle Bassam that I started to make progress. I have gained strength and self- knowledge to the extent that I am feeling far more confident of being able to cope with various life issues and understand more and more how I ‘tick’. She is a really special and valuable counsellor.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon

I wanted to thank you for your tremendous support and attention this year. You were instrumental in assisting me in my recovery and development. I look forward to continuing working with you.
- Anon

Dear Harley Therapy, I attended sessions with Laura Oates and she was really amazing. I started off with worrying and anxiety but little by little each session helped increase my awareness of my negative thinking patterns and each week I came away with new tips to help me tackle them. As time has gone on, I've noticed a huge difference in my ability to cope with life's difficulties and also I feel that I get more enjoyment out of my day to day living, and I'm starting to feel happier about my daily life instead of anxiously awaiting/ expecting a negative future. She was really thorough and we went back to childhood to tackle my core beliefs which was a major breakthrough for me. I recommend this service to anyone. Now I have the tools and resources to deal with life more mindfully and to get the most out of my life and the relationships with the lovely people who surround me.
- For Laura Oates, Anon

I was referred to Michelle Bassam by my GP for panic attacks and early childhood issues. She has a calming and stabilising effect and a very caring approach. She gave me the confidence to explore my inner self and in small steps set about a healing process by showing me how to use certain ‘tools’. She has given me the help I needed to grow into the confident person I am today. I very much appreciate her help. I know a few people who have seen her and we all hold her in the highest regard.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon

I want to thank you ever so much for all the help you have given me over the last couple of months...I could not have done without your help. (Presenting issues: bereavement and anxiety)
- Anon, 27/04/15

Prior to my time with Harley Therapy; I endured years of crippling anxiety attacks, unease and distress, and as a result many relationships in my life were being affected. Since a young age I have suffered internal mental torment, almost to the point of denial, about my anxiety. Although I knew myself that something was wrong, I was fearful to admit it, scared that holding my hands up to my problems would somehow mean I had failed. Making the decision to go to therapy was not easy, and I didn't make it lightly. I toyed with the idea for a few years before making the first steps, and I am so glad I took them when I did. Therapy has had a huge positive impact on my life. In only a short period of time I feel I have benefited greatly from the process. The therapist has helped me to better understand my thought process as well as the thought process’ of those around me. I have been able to stabilise relationships that previously felt threatened and can successfully self-regulate in order to manage my anxiety on a daily basis. She has been wonderfully supportive throughout my sessions, with obvious expertise in the field of psychotherapy, she is trustworthy and understanding. I feel that we were able to work together to resolve many underlying issue I have struggled with, and I have found therapy to be interesting and enjoyable, as well as vital for my mental well-being. My time undergoing therapy, has provided me with a more stable base, from which I anticipate I will be able to live a more happy, more for-filled life than I would have without it. I believe I will re-approach therapy throughout my life as it has been such a useful tool in managing not only long standing issues, but also the stresses of day to day life.
- Anon, 26/04/15

I wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and support through our sessions together. With all the techniques you've shown me I've found such a happy place full of peace and acceptance. You helped me find my courage and fight to take on any challenge that comes my way! You truly are a wonderful therapist thank you so much.
- Anon, 03/10/15

Coming to Harley Therapy was a huge decision for me as the sessions are very expensive. I'd also toyed with the idea of seeing a therapist for years, but never had the courage, thinking I could manage on my own or what if I spent the money, managed to open up, but it didn't work. Caroline Powell was brilliant and it is the best thing I have ever done. I have come to terms with my past a lot more. Before therapy, I thought there could be a magic wand to make it all better, but life isn't like that, I will always have to work hard at it, but feel better placed to now. Caroline listened, she never belittled anything or made me feel silly. She was very understanding and supported me immensely. We used theories to explain how I was feeling, related them to my life as a guide to look at how to change my mind set and overcome a huge amount of negativity. Caroline put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. I'd therefore recommend anyone who feels anxious or nervous to see her as everyone has different personalities and it's about finding the best person to help you, I feel very lucky that Caroline and I worked so well together.
- For Caroline Powell, Anon, 18/05/15

I have nothing but praise for Harley Therapy. I was extremely reluctant to contact them but it has had an incredibly positive impact on my life.
- Anon

Thank you - in a big way. I’m struggling to find the words to express my gratitude. Thank you for helping me find my smile again and teaching me about how to pursue real happiness. These last few sessions have made me feel great as I’ve realized that I’ve accomplished a lot with you & for a change I’m proud of myself. I know I’ve got a lot of work left to do... But, for a change the future’s bright and I’ve got cause for celebration! So in short - thank you.
- Anon

My experience with Harley Therapy was of great benefit to me. The building [12 Harley Street] offers quiet, calm and pleasant rooms to spend time in. The conversations I had with my therapist [Matt Kemsley] were always constructive and I felt able to measure my own progress after every session. The key issues and questions that had been troubling me were taken apart methodically by both of us, and with his help I was eventually able to move past the sense of emotional blockage that had led me to seek therapy in the first place.
- For Dr Matt Kemsley, Male client presenting with anxiety and confusion, 08/14

Before my sessions with you, it really felt like my problems were in-built and incurable. But, with the benefit of your clarity of approach, penetrating insight, and personal warmth, I no longer fear those problems. Instead, I feel and recognise that you have given me powerful and effective means of overcoming them, and you have helped me come a long way in doing so.
- Anon

I found the entire experience very beneficial. The counselling resulted in noticeable changes in my attitude and behaviour, so in this light I found the service highly effective. I was happy with the speed at which sessions progressed, not too fast yet not too laborious either. I was given a lot of high-quality and interesting supplementary material to support what was discussed in the sessions which was a great bonus too.
- Anon

I just wanted to thank you for the sessions we had together. You really helped me get some simple yet immensely important insights about myself and what I should work on in the future.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon, 27/11/16

This is just a note to express my thanks. I have just finished going to therapy and wanted to say that the sessions have really helped me understand how to deal with my anxiety on a daily basis. My therapist was very helpful, and compassionate and helped me feel more confident about how to deal with my problems on a day-to-day basis. They also taught me the skills to disregard my negative thought patterns effectively and I am very grateful for the support, without which I would not have been able to get through a very difficult period. If ever I have further problems, you and your practice would be the first I contact.
- Anon

You give a world class professional service. Thank you very much for your openness, engagement, and continued support.
- For Dr Gemma Allison, Anxiety client, 16/07/16

Working with Dr Maria Vella makes you astonished by how much your condition improves. I was afraid to find a therapist in the UK, because English is not my first language and the different culture Europe has compared to Asia. But this is not an issue at all when working with Maria. She has helped me with anxiety, identity problems, alongside multicultural and life transition issues. Working with her for one and a half years has truly changed me as a person. If you want a therapist who makes you face the problem with nowhere to hide, but to solve it. She is the psychologist you are looking for.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon

We had a great experience at Harley Therapy! It was not the first time I had had therapy but it was by far the most helpful. My partner and I had pre-marital therapy and Dr Maria Vella really helped us to communicate and understand each other. I would definitely recommend her, she is intelligent and insightful.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon, 10/07/16

Truly excellent service and very professional.
- Anon

My time and experience with Stefan Walters has been amazing, and he has helped in so many ways. He has a great way of understanding and listening and has got me through these difficult times in my life.
- For Stefan Walters, Anon

My sessions with Ahi Wheeler helped me tremendously through a really difficult time. She created a safe environment for me to express myself and has truly been a great support through my journey.
- For Ahi Wheeler, Anon

Leila Steeds genuinely changed my life. I went from depression, anxiety, a miserable relationship and frustrating job to being happy and confident in blissful singleness, with a promotion to boot. Leila did in a year what 10 years of many other therapists and techniques could not do. Most importantly, she has left me with an ability to keep myself well, rather than be dependent on her. Cannot recommend highly enough.
- For Leila Steeds, Anon

Dr Maria Vella helped me navigate a lifetime of unprocessed traumatic events, turning my life around in only 1.5 years. I entered therapy in the midst of a whirlwind relationship I no longer knew how to navigate. With her shrewd insights rooted in years of experience, Dr Vella quickly discerned that my relationship anxieties were a symptom of greater issues and underlying trauma that remained unprocessed. The end of this romantic relationship triggered a complete disintegration of my life as I knew it. What followed was an overwhelming resurfacing of traumatic memories from different stages of my life, and the subsequent breakdown of tense family relationships. In my time of being overwhelmed and confused, Dr Vella was a trustworthy guide, maintaining a clear sense of understanding and holistic perspective of the process. She unwaveringly guided me through the necessary stages of reliving, grieving and integrating these painful traumatic events. With her firm, yet compassionate approach Dr Vella helped me reframe my difficult life experiences with increased understanding and insight, even through my times of resistance and stubbornness, Dr Vella held me accountable and guided me to see the impact of my own actions and attitudes on the quality of my life. In doing so, she helped me develop an increased level of self-awareness, responsibility and a sense of independence I had never experienced before. With renewed empowerment and stronger personal boundaries, I was able to make major life changes and mend difficult family relationships. With Dr Vella's guidance, I was truly able to turn my life around in only 72 weeks, and for that, I remain forever grateful.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon

What an excellent therapist - she is reassuring and always with you, and helps you to understand the reasons why you have got to the place you have. 5*
- Anon

Dr Gemma Allison is an understanding, patient and very intelligent individual. She helped me identify the issues I was struggling with and always supported me in coming to realizations myself. Would definitely recommend to others suffering from eating disorders (or any range of difficulties!) She is really lovely and uses mixed approaches to achieve the most successful therapeutic outcomes.
- For Dr Gemma Allison, Anon

Excellent service and really really helpful session where the therapist actually shows she cares.
- Anon

Dr Maria Vella was invaluable to work with as a couple. In only a very short period, she was able to help us identify some of the issues we were having and establish a protocol for dealing with them. I found her extremely good to work with as she can be quite prescriptive and direct, which is sometimes what you need when you find you’ve been going in circles on a problem. We are grateful for the help she has given us.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon

We would strongly recommend Philippa Donald. She is very professional and has helped us with our concerns with suggested exercises and the therapeutic sessions. She has enormously helped us to make our own decisions and handle situations of our problems enabling us to move forward with confidence. She will always be there for us if we needed further assistance.
- For Philippa Donald, Anon

The time I have spent at Harley Therapy has been life-changing. Michelle Bassam was able to walk me through to an understanding and acceptance of what the core problems in my life have been. I am deeply thankful.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon

My partner and I were going through a very rough time and Dr Maria Vella helped us immensely.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon, 24/07/16

Dr Maria Vella helped my partner and I through a really tough time, and thanks to her expertise and professionalism we now know how to address our issues in a constructive way. We cannot thank her enough for all the support that she has given us.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon

Dr Maria Vella was very understanding, open and honest in her approach. She was direct and encouraged me to reflect on many things. She allowed me to see certain family situations in a different light and offered support on how to cope with identity challenges/ family pressures and career uncertainty. Her approach was warm, friendly and comforting. Therapy with Dr Vella is based on talking through your own thoughts and behaviours, it is very self-directed and encourages you to take the control back in your life. Unfortunately, I was unable to do a huge number of sessions due to work commitments but I learnt a lot about myself and the people in my life in very short space of time, thanks to Dr Vella's encouragement to reflect.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon

My experience with Dr Maria Vella was highly rewarding, in a sense of self-discovery and improvement. I wasn't quite sure why I went in, but some 30 sessions later, I came out sure that I was a better person, with a clear outcome of perspective and positive control over heated situations. She was brutally candid at times, which I really appreciated, as this was all about openness and honesty and made me realise that things which I took as acceptable, and might at times cause stress to those around me and especially in a relationship. She also helped me air frustrations objectively, when at times, I thought I'd hit a brick wall. When I thought I was always right she cleared the perspective and balance, which was the most insightful part of our interactions. I would highly recommend seeing Maria for many forms of counselling.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon

Dr Stephen Humphries diagnosed my ADHD 8 years ago and during the whole process, I found him to be very professional, competent with a highly engaging and compassionate manner. Dr Humphries has an excellent reputation in the ADHD field which is evident in his approach to his work and even though I eventually transferred to an NHS ADHD psychiatrist (as is usually the case when a private diagnosis is completed), I have enlisted Dr Humphries help from time to time when my NHS psychiatrist was unavailable. His charges are very reasonable and his office staff are efficient, helpful and compassionate. Dr Humphries, therefore, makes an excellent long-term healthcare partner and thus I would recommend him to anyone with any psychiatric problem. You are truly safe in his hands.
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon

I would highly recommend Harley Therapy. As a generally sporty, outgoing male in my mid-20s I always had a somewhat cliche view of therapy which I regret. Taking the time to speak with Michelle Bassam helped me to overcome a recent emotional trauma and also address longstanding underlying self-esteem issues which I would likely have carried forward unknowingly without voicing them I would encourage anyone to use this service and have actively vouched for it at work and amongst my friends.
- For Michelle Bassam, Anon

Great service
- Anon

I had therapy with Leila Steeds and she was great to work with. I found her easy to open up to and she helped me develop the tools needed to get through a difficult time - and skills which I will utilise going forward. Would highly recommend her.
- For Leila Steeds, Anon

The therapist has been incredibly caring not just for advice but also for listening to everything I’ve discussed with her. Her ability to understand me and my situation and provide logic behind all my thoughts and actions. I honestly think she has helped me turn my life around.
- Anon

They were very responsive and helpful in organising the initial appointment. My therapist was excellent and immediately established a professional rapport which made the sessions much easier. I felt progress was made each week, and we were in mutual agreement when the therapy came to a natural conclusion. My therapist was a very good listener, kind and understanding, and made very helpful suggestions. I would certainly return if the need arose.
- Anon

I found Harley Therapy a pleasure to do business with. I can't thank the therapist enough for her patience, support & empathy, as I went through a dark time. Really helping to restore hope & trust in my life. Have the tools to continue my journey & overcome depression. I would highly recommend the service.
- Anon

World-class therapist! Very fruitful collaboration which triggered many discoveries and changes. I would recommend her to everyone! Great price-value relationship.
- Anon

Helped to solve my problems. Professional service and counselling. Have no complaints.
- Anon

I had a great experience with Harley Therapy. Stefan Walters is the best therapist I have worked with and was very helpful for me during a difficult time.
- For Stefan Walters, Anon

Theodora Savvidou has helped me through my struggles in life and I really appreciate her support and guidance that she has given me over this past year. She has definitely made an impact in my life that I will always cherish.
- For Theodora Savvidou, Anon

Dr Maria Vella and I worked together for a considerable period of time and she helped me with a number of significant issues in my life such as loss and relationships. Dr Vella has a calm, measured and relaxed manner and allows the sessions to evolve organically. I would definitely recommend Dr Vella to anyone considering who is considering therapy. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for all of her help.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon

Dear Caroline Powell - you are a part of my DNA - we’ve just changed destiny or rather found a way to follow mine - you and I together. My love for you is a fundamental part of who I am. You are apart of my soul. You are way beyond the most beautiful person I know. How you walked me gently through all the tidal waves of my life during the past 5 years has been monumental in achieving change and true understanding of the human condition. You helped me to become an overseer and not just a reactor, to be wise, to learn about myself profoundly. Through tears and heartache and so often laughter together I’ve treasured your advice and immense knowledge. You are beyond brilliant at what you do. Your vocation. I love you. This is not and ending just a new beginning. No doubt I’ll be back with another dilemma very soon. There could not have been a more qualified or kinder therapist out there to be with me through these times. You have been my sanctuary and my sanity. To anyone out there I would wish for them only someone like you to be their guiding light through troubled times. Forever grateful.
- For Caroline Powell, Anon

I have been a client of Dr Maria Vella on three separate occasions over 10 years. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Vella as a therapist. Dr Vella has enabled me to develop deep insight and reflection and in doing so empowered me to move forward from very challenging times in my life.
- For Dr Maria Vella, Anon, 14/07/16

Excellent therapist and person!
- Anon

Ahi Wheelerwas an amazing person to talk to when things become tangled and complicated. I run successful companies and have always found it difficult to find someone who I can relate with. Until Ahi!
- For Ahi Wheeler

My experience of the appointment with Dr Stephen Humphries was characterised by a relaxing and conversational atmosphere in which the salient points of my condition and their potential treatment were discussed and plans for the future considered. I feel very positive now that with the support of a new prescription I will be able to address certain health issues and refocus on my future. Thanks!
- For Dr Stephen Humphries , Anon

Just wanted to say thanks for all the psychiatrist's help with everything! He went out of his duty to ensure I was met with the right treatment. Really appreciate it.
- Anon

I came to Harley Therapy full of fear and trepidation, but knowing I had reached a point where I needed help. It took some time to develop my trust but Dr Maria Vella was understanding, patient, and persistent in helping me over a considerable period of time. Dr Vella is disconcertingly perceptive and offered many unique, insightful and penetrating interpretations, which questioned many of my actions and thought processes and turned some of my previous conceptions upside down. I was frequently challenged to consider things from a different perspective and acknowledge the influence of my subconscious self. She is astute and honest - sometimes painfully so - and never wavers from the truth, which I needed, and appreciated. Slowly but surely, she helped me navigate a difficult pathway, and, despite some significant setbacks along the way, until I felt safe enough to be left in charge of my own life again. It wasn't necessarily easy or comfortable but I was enlightened in many ways which will stay with me for the rest of my life.
- For Dr Maria Vella , Anon

Thank you so very much, as always you really get everything I say, which believe me, is extremely rare and refreshing.
- Anon

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