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Adult ADHD Therapy in London

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  • Have an ADHD diagnosis?  But still constantly frustrated with the daily ADHD-related challenges you face?
  • Or still undiagnosed, but want help now with your lack of focus, inability to finish anything, and troubled relationships?  

Adult ADHD therapy can help you finally be yourself, instead of living your life trapped behind your own behaviours. 

Why do I need ADHD counselling if I'm taking meds? 

Medication is a personal choice, despite being considered the first line of treatment for adults. And while there are positives to ADHD medications, which can help you focus, it's not's a full treatment in and of itself. 

Medication cannnot address the many side effects of having ADHD. Nor can they troubleshoot the coping behaviours you've developed over the years that might actually be holding you back, or leaving you lonely. But talk therapy can. 

Note that a professional psychiatrist who is an expert in adult ADHD will always discuss with you not just your medication options, but also helpful treatment options like coaching and talk therapy. 

How does ADHD therapy help? 

As a sole treatment pathway, or a perfect complement to any medication you are taking, Adult ADHD coaching helps you to: 

  • get on top of time management problems
  • lower impulsiveness
  • learn to focus on the right things and get things done
  • raise low self-esteem
  • set and achieve life goals
  • improve your relationships 
  • manage anxiety and depression.

Time to thrive despite adult ADHD?

We know you want to see real results, so we only offer you ADHD therapists with minimum of ten years experience, as well as training from a top institution and full accreditation. You can trust our ADHD therapists and ADHD coaches to help you learn the tools that make a real difference to your career, relationships, and life in general. 

Call us today or complete our online booking form now to have a confidential first session in Harley Street, London Bridge, or the City of London. We look forward to helping you. 

ADHD Counselling, and Psychotherapy - the Harley Therapy™ approach

Unlike other forms of psychotherapy and counselling that centre around helping you have insights about yourself, the "skills-based therapies" recommended for ADHD focus on teaching you coping skills. You will learn new ways of thinking and acting that mean you feel in charge of your life again. ADHD therapy can include elements of: 

CBT in particular has been proven by research to improve management of ADHD in both clients who are taking medication, and those who are not. 1

Do I have to see a psychiatrist and have a diagnosis first?

Don't yet have a diagnosis, but sure you have symptoms of attention deficit disorder? You can still book a session to work with one of our ADHD therapists. They are happy to give you their honest professional advice before you sign up for the bigger investment of an ADHD assessment

Over the course of several sessions you can discuss your concerns, and together look at how your symptoms match the signs of ADHD. These can include lack of focus and hyperfocus, disorganisation, impulsivity, emotional difficulty, and hyperactivity. If your therapist sees fit, he or she can then refer you onward to a psychiatrist. 

I couldn't get a diagnosis but am convinced I have ADHD

Been to a psychiatrist already, but were told you do not qualify for a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? Yet convinced you have the symptoms? An ADHD therapist can work with you on these symptoms regardless. The tools they teach help with anyone who struggles to stay focused and reach their potential. 

*In the interests of safety, there may be cases where ongoing treatment through Harley Therapy is not recommended; NHS or other specialist services may be advised as more appropriate.*


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(1) Lopez P, Torrente F, Ciapponi A, Lischinsky A, Cetkovich-Bakmas M, Rojas J, Romano M, Manes FF. Cognitive-behavioural interventions for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2018, Issue 3. Art. No.: CD010840. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD010840.pub2
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ADHD therapy helps with:

  • can't finish things or acheive goals
  • disorganisation
  • emotional difficulty and impatience
  • hyper focus at wrong moments
  • inability to focus 
  • impulsive behaviour like overspending
  • low self-esteem
  • poor prioritising
  • procrastination
  • turbulent relationships.

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