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Transpersonal Therapy London

Have a nagging sense you are more than you are managing to be? And long to feel connected to something bigger and more meaningful than your daily life? Or explore your spiritual side? Transpersonal therapy might be for you. 

What is transpersonal therapy?

Transpersonal therapy fuses psychotherapeutic thought with spiritual traditions and tools to help you fully understand yourself and reach your potential. 

A holistic therapy, it looks beyond just your mental wellbeing to also embrace your social, physical, creative, and spiritual sides, and the you that is 'transpersonal', beyond just your own frame of reference. 

How does transpersonal psychotherapy work? 

Like other therapies rising from the humanistic school of thought, transpersonal psychotherapy has a positive perspective. It doesn’t seek what is ‘wrong’ with you, but helps you recognise your inner resources and qualities that you can harness to face challenges and feel balanced.  

Once seen as non-traditional, many tools of transpersonal counselling are now both popular and supported by research, such as mindfulness meditation, visualisation, hypnosis and yoga. Other tools used can include working with dreams and creativity, breathing exercises and movement, or doing dream or inner child work. 

What issues can transpersonal therapy help me with?

  • addictions 
  • anxiety 
  • depression
  • lack of identity and identity crisis
  • life balance
  • loneliness and disconnection
  • low self-esteem 
  • phobias
  • stress 
  • relationship problems. 

Benefits of transpersonal counselling


How can a transpersonal therapist help? Your sessions can see you:

  • understand yourself and your potential 
  • recognise and use your innate resources
  • develop your spirituality
  • improve and deepen your relationships 
  • find purpose, meaning, and direction 
  • feel more at home in the world 
  • raise your confidence 
  • live with more balance and harmony. 

Find meaning in a changing world - the Harley Therapy™ approach

Your transpersonal therapist is focussed on helping you create a healthy life of purpose and connection you feel good being in. They are committed to working with you in an honest, open, and supportive way. 

Is there a transpersonal therapist near me? 

We connect you with top London transpersonal psychologists and therapists who offer integrative transpersonal counselling and psychotherapy in central London locations. Our therapists are all accredited, registered, highly experienced, and passionate about their work with clients.

Time to live a life of authenticity and fulfillment?  Call us today or book now with our online form for a session on Harley Street or at one of our clinics in London Bridge or the City of London.

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