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Transactional Analysis Therapy in London

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Keep repeating the same negative cycles in your relationships and life? And looking for a practical, structured, and long-established talk therapy to help you move forward? 

What is transactional analysis?

Psychiatrist Eric Bern created Transactional Analysis to provide a more practical and results-driven therapy than the then popular psychoanalysis. Transactional analysis, or "TA", has been around since the 1950s. 

It sees your social interactions as the root of any issues you might have. By breaking out of unhelpful relating patterns and role playing, and learning to recognise and troubleshoot the ways you think and feel, you can create a life you are happier in. 

Transactional therapy works both as a short and long-term psychotherapy, and is an option for individuals, couples, and also families. 

The transactional therapy model

When we encounter a person or group we can get stuck playing unconscious 'roles'. This is why we can behave one way with one person or group, and completely different around another. TA therapy has a theory that these 'transactions' happens because of what it calls 'ego states', different sides of ourselves we take on that have their own way of thinking and behaving.

The 'parent' ego state is when we are are being dominating and judgemental. The 'child' ego state sees us sulking, being rebellious, or people pleasing. Transactional analysis helps us to become conscious of our thoughts and behaviours and shift to the 'adult' ego state, where we are rational, objective and thoughtful.

Benefits of working with a TA therapist

Transactional analysis can help you to:

  • eliminate unhelpful ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving 
  • learn how to communicate in productive over destructive ways
  • become more self-aware and develop self-reflection
  • have healthy instead of draining everyday interactions
  • break out of longheld patterns and stop feeling trapped
  • move towards a life you actually want. 

Transactional analysis at Harley Therapy, London

Time to replace game playing with mature, healthy, and productive relationships that leave you feeling good? Our TA counsellors and psychotherapists are trained in top institutions and have minimum of ten years experience working with clients just like you. They are highly regarded for their expertise and empathy. 

With offices on Harley Street, at London Bridge, and near Liverpool Street, we also offer therapy sessions online. Call us now to book your first apppointment with a TA therapist, or use our online booking form

What issues can TA counselling help me with? 

Transactional analysis therapy can help you with issues like:

How many sessions of TA therapy will I need? 

It depends on you and your unique issues. Again, transactional analysis can work as a short or long-term therapy. In your first TA session you can discuss with your therapist how many sessions you might need. 

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All of our practitioners are qualified and accredited with reputable professional associations for counselling and psychotherapy.

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Transactional Analysis in London

Transactional therapy can help with:

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