Person-centred therapy forms the basis of most therapies with its use of empathy & acceptance.

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Person-Centred/Humanistic Counselling

Person-centred/humanistic counselling is a supportive form of therapy where you are given the space and safety to share your concerns. Person-centred/humanistic counselling is based on the philosophy that individuals are full of potential for growth. Given the right conditions, people are all capable of being loving, creative and knowledgeable. Humanistic therapy evolved in the 1950s and 1960s in the USA as part of a ‘human potential movement’. Carl Rogers posited core conditions of unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathy which are central to a person-centred approach. 

Person-centred counselling at Harley Therapy™, London

One of the foundations of training as a psychotherapist or counsellor will be exposure and practice in a person-centred approach. All of the therapists will have experience in offering a person centred approach, and some specialise in it specifically. Call us to find out more.

What does person-centred counselling look like in practice?

A person-centred counsellor will ask questions which lead you to deep discoveries about your feelings, your blind spots, your needs and your hopes. Person-centred counselling forms the backdrop to all our counselling work. Your therapist will be empathic, understanding, supportive and non-judgemental.


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What is person-centred therapy (PCT)?

PCT focuses on how a person sees themselves and why. Negative life experiences can damage someone’s self-image, leading to low confidence, anxiety and mood disorders; PCT aims to “unpick” this.

Typically, how much does person-centred therapy cost in London?

You can expect to pay £180 per session for person-centred therapy in London. Therapy courses can be long-term or short-term, depending on your needs.

Is person-centred therapy available on the NHS?

PCT is available on the NHS, but you can face waiting lists of 18 weeks or longer, as well as a limit to the number of sessions you can have.

Does Harley Therapy offer person-centred in London?

Harley Therapy offers person-centred therapy in London, as well as online. There are several experienced therapists available to you, so you’ll be able to find the most appropriate one.

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