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Children and Young Adult ADHD Psychiatrist at Harley Therapy™ London

Please note the Psychiatrists are currently able to assess only for ADHD in ages 16+.

Has a GP or educational support team suggested that your child has attention deficit disorder (ADHD)? Here in the UK only a psychiatrist, paediatrician, or in rare cases specialist ADHD psychologist are then able to make an official diagnosis and offer a treatment plan.

At Harley Therapy we offer child and teen ADHD assessment and diagnosis with a highly regarded child psychiatrist that has over 25 years of experience, and is an expert in child learning and neurodevelopmental disorders. 

For more information about the definition of ADHD and its signs, please see our ADHD help page

Treatment of ADHD in children and teenagers

Many parents can be understandably anxious about simply medicating their child. But in the UK medication alone is not the recommended first line of treatment for child and teen ADHD.

Treatment is instead focused on family education alongside support for your child. The goal is to help your child manage their symptoms and better navigate the social and learning challenges ADHD can bring. In serious cases, medication is then offered as part of a wider ADHD treatment plan and is carefully monitored. 

What you get at our specialist ADHD clinic

✔ A full psychiatric assessment (usually held over two appointments) using approved specialist tools such as Conners Questionnaires.
✔ Online questionnaires between appointments. 
✔ A diagnosis and assessment report provided within 14 days of the second appointment, a copy of which we recommend should go to your GP.
✔ Prescription service available as appropriate and indicated by assessment. 
✔ Where agreed, shared care with GPs allowing prescriptions to be managed through your local surgery.
✔ Referral for CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) for ADHD as appropriate.
✔ Regular follow up and adjustment of dosage and type of medication as clinically indicated.

Dr Meenal Sohani – ADHD Child Psychiatrist at Harley Street, London

Dr Sohani has over 25 years of psychiatric experience, including working within the NHS trust. She is an expert in child and teen neurodevelopmental and learning disabilities, including ADHD and autism, as well as the various connected mental health disorders they often co-exist with. 

Dr Sohani's approach is one of warmth and collaboration. She focuses on good listening, and clarity of communication with assessment results and care plans. With her support, patients and parents are able to make informed choices and take joint responsibility to work towards their goals.  

Health providers that recognise her as a consultant psychiatrist are BUPA International, CIGNA, Standard Life, AVIVA and WPA. 

A Typical ADHD treatment plan with Dr Sohani

Based on a situation where treatment is effective and stable (more complex situations may require more attendances), the following is a typical treatment plan:

  • Initial 50 minute assessment - £1245 (includes testing scores).
  • Second assessment after receiving questionnaires - £995 (includes liaising with schools/third parties where necessary and a report).
  • Flexible review appointment/s as clinically appropriate.  

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Dr Meenal Sohani Fees

  • £2240 (£1245 for 50 minute initial assessment plus £995 for second 30 minute assessment, feedback and care plan. Between the two appointments, specialist questionnaires are used to collate further information. (Fee includes ADHD screening questionnaires, diagnosis, treatment plan and full report.)

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