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Private ADHD assessments for teenagers & young adults in London

At Harley Therapy we currently offer ADHD assessment and diagnosis for teenagers from the age of 14 years old. We also offer ADHD testing for adults.

Has a GP or educational support team suggested that your daughter or son has attention deficit disorder (ADHD)? Here in the UK only a psychiatrist, paediatrician, or in rare cases specialist ADHD psychologists are then able to make an official diagnosis and offer a treatment plan.

At Harley Therapy we offer teen ADHD assessment and diagnosis with a highly regarded teen psychiatrist that has over 25 years of experience, and is an expert in child learning and neurodevelopmental disorders. 

For more information about the definition of ADHD and its signs, please see our ADHD help page



Meet our Consultant Psychiatrist for ADHD

Phil Ferriera-Lay Psychiatrist London       

Dr Phil Ferreira-Lay

Private consultant psychiatrist, London (ADHD specialist)

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Dr Ferreira-Lay is a Consultant Psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience providing holistic psychiatric and psychotherapeutic assessments to adults and teenagers over the age of 14. He has particular expertise in ADHD, Psychotherapy and Neurodevelopmental disorders across the lifespan. Dr Ferreira-Lay has a passion for helping his patients recover from and manage their difficulties aiming to achieve identified goals wherever possible.

Treatment of ADHD in teenagers

Many parents can be understandably anxious about simply medicating their teen. But in the UK medication alone is not the recommended first line of treatment for teen ADHD.

Treatment is instead focused on family education alongside support for your adolescent child. The goal is to help your teen manage their symptoms and better navigate the social and learning challenges ADHD can bring. In serious cases, medication is then offered as part of a wider ADHD treatment plan and is carefully monitored. 

Our specialist ADHD clinic services

✔ A full psychiatric assessment including use of several specialised screening questionnaires.
✔ Use of a combination of the DSM5, Wender Utah, ASRS, DIVA 5 and Conners 66 item long scale questionnaire which gives a highly accurate reliable assessment measured on six separate indices, and a profile in graphic form which demonstrates both symptoms and severity.
✔ Online questionnaires with booking confirmation
✔ A diagnosis and assessment report provided within 14 days, a copy of which we recommend should go to your GP.
✔ Prescription service available as appropriate and indicated by assessment.
✔ Where agreed, shared care with GPs allowing prescriptions to be managed through your local surgery (once a medication dosage is final and stabilised).
✔ Referral for sessions with a therapist specialising in ADHD support as appropriate.
✔ Regular follow up and adjustment of dosage and type of medication as clinically indicated (the first 20 minute follow-up assessment is included in the assessment fee).

A Typical ADHD treatment plan

Based on a situation where treatment is effective and stable (complex situations may require more attendances), the following is a typical treatment plan:

  • Complete self-questionnaires prior to appointment
  • Initial 90 minute assessment at Harley Street, London or online
  • A 20 minute review assessment, online 

How much does a private ADHD assessment cost?

  • The cost of a private ADHD assessment for a teenager (14 years +) is £2,620
  • This fee includes ADHD screening questionnaires, diagnosis, full report, treatment plan (see above), medication (if necessary) and referral to therapist if indicated

Ready to book an appointment with an ADHD psychiatrist for your teenage son or daughter? Use our confidential ADHD psychiatry form below or call today. 

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For more information about the definition of ADHD and its signs, please see our ADHD help page.

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