A GP who understands mental health can rule out medical conditions and explain the mind body connection

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GP with Mental Health Specialism London

*Please note we can unfortunately not offer support from a GP at this time. But we have other specialists on hand who might be able to help, depending on the issue, including a neuropsychiatrist

Curious if your ongoing physical ailments are connected to your mental health? And want the advice of an experienced medical doctor with a holistic perspective? 

The mental and physical health connection

Research increasingly shows that our physical and mental health are interlinked [1]. And the stress of modern life is leading to a rise in physical symptoms that don't have an easy explanation.  

The NHS now estimates that medically unexplained symptoms account for 45 per cent of all GP visits, and half of new hospital visits. 

Unfortunately, many general practitioners don't know enough about mental health to understand the mind body connection. As for psychotherapists, they aren't qualified or allowed to treat physical symptoms.

General practitioners with a mental health specialism

A GP who specialises in mental health bridges the gap, taking a holistic overview of your health. 

They will rule out medical causes for your symptoms, find the connections between your life stressors and your physical health, and help you find a suitable treatment plan and way forward.

If deemed helpful, you will be referred on to a suitable mental health practitioner. 

What are common psychosomatic symptoms? 

Your appointment is a safe space to  discuss any symptoms that are worrying you, including unexplained medical symptoms such as: 

  • aches and pains
  • anxiety attacks 
  • cardiovascular issues 
  • difficulties swallowing/ lump in throat 
  • dizziness and fainting 
  • digestive problems 
  • exhaustion 
  • headaches and memory loss
  • numbness and tingling 
  • muscle tension and weakness
  • nausea and appetite changes 
  • sexual dysfunction 
  • skin conditions
  • sight or hearing changes
  • sleeping issues 
  • tremors/ shakes. 

Is it my fault I have medically unexplained symptoms?

Psychosomatic symptoms mean your psychological health is affecting the way your brain and therefore body functions.  Not that you are purposely ‘thinking’ yourself sick, or want to be unwell.

Sometimes it's also a case of science and research catching up with the new group of symptoms you have. An example is chronic fatigue syndrome, once thought 'just stress' and now recognised as a systemic disease. 

Specialised GPs at Harley Therapy™ London

At Harley Therapy we take you and your health seriously, providing a safe, confidential experience where you will be listened to and supported. All our practitioners are carefully vetted and chosen for being the best in their field.

*We currently are unable to provide GP services, but we have a neuropsychiatrist who can help with unexplained medical symptoms and functional neurological disorder. We also have a team of integrative therapists who are happy to work holistically and involve the mind body connection, or can support you through ongoing or long-term illness. 

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Further reading on medical illness and mental health

[1] Julius Ohrnberger, Eleonora Fichera, Matt Sutton.The relationship between physical and mental health: A mediation analysis. Social Science & Medicine,Volume 195, 2017, Pages 42-49. ISSN 0277-9536. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.socscimed.2017.11.008.


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