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Marriage showing cracks? Or in need of upkeep? Therapy helps you move forward. 

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Last updated Jan 1, 2021 by Dr. Sheri Jacobson Dr. Sheri Jacobson

Marriage Counselling in London

Same old conflict on repeat? Or just can't connect? 

There are so many reasons a marriage can go off track. It can be as simple as a communication breakdown, or as complex as a betrayal. Problems can relate to finances, sex, life change, blended familes, parenting, or in-laws.

Or maybe your marriage is good, and you just want to keep it that way. Perhaps you aren't even married yet, and want to be sure it's the right next step. Marriage counselling can help, whatever your situation. 

Now is the time to mend your marriage 

Harley Therapy offers marital therapy and couples counselling in both Harley Street and City of London as well as online. Contact us now by phone, or use our online form to book an assessment with one of our highly experienced marriage therapists and start moving forward. 

Marriage counselling - How  Harley Therapy™ helps 

Marriage therapy focuses on communication. Your marriage counsellor creates a safe space for you to air your issues constructively. He or she will challenge you to explore your expectations, behaviours, and feelings.  You will learn to see each other's perspective, and to negotiate and compromise. 

The goal is to reach a new understanding of who you are as individuals and a couple, and to together make new decisions that benefit you both. 

Find answers, together

Feel confident knowing that marital counselling can only improve things. It cannot make your marriage worse, but simply gets to the root source of the issues you already have. You and your partner will move forward in constructive ways, whether that means staying together, or navigating a new life apart.


Further reading on marriage counselling 


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Issues for Couple Therapy

  • Arguments
  • Commitment issues
  • Jealousy & anger
  • Domestic abuse
  • Poor communication
  • Power imbalances
  • Breakdown in trust
  • Pre-marital counselling
  • Sexual problems
  • Extra-marital affairs
  • Marital counselling
  • Marriage guidance
  • Divorce counselling

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