We provide psychometric testing for personal, professional, medical, educational, and legal purposes 

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Psychometric Testing at Harley Therapy™ London

Do you or your child require assessing? 

Need testing to determine a specific condition, and ensure the right support and treatment is found? To file a legal report? Or just curious about your own behaviour or IQ? Psychometric testing can help. 

Find out today how a psychometric test can help you

Ready to learn how one of our highly trained, chartered psychologists can help you and your family with psychometric profiling?  

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What is psychometric testing? 

Psychometric testing is an umbrella term for a large range of standardised assessments for both children and adults. They measure the ways we think and behave, looking at things like skills, knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits. 

IQ testing, personality tests, numerical reasoning tests and verbal reasonsing tests are all forms of psychometric profiling. 

What can psychometric testing help with?

Psychometric testing is used by our educational psychologists to help them correctly identify and best treat a range of issues in children and adults, including:

  • ADD and ADHD 
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • anxiety and depression 
  • behavioural difficulties 
  • brain injury 
  • dyslexia, dyspraxia 
  • gifted and talented
  • IQ testing
  • learning disabilities
  • neurological issues
  • specific learning difficulties (SpLDs) . 

Types of psychometric tests

At Harley Therapy our educational psychologists only use highly regarded, industry standard psychometric tests, matched to the age and presenting issue of each client. 

The following tests and assessments are carried out in Harley Street, London:

Cognitive assessment for children and adolescents, difficulties, gifted and talented
BAS 3 (British Ability Scales)

Tests for learning skills and learning difficulties.
WRAT 5 (Wide Range Achievement Test)
WIAT-III UK (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test)

Adult IQ testing
WAIS 4 (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale)

Children IQ testing
WISC Test (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children)

Learning difficulties
ART-2 (Adult Reading Test)
CTOPP-2 (Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing)

Adult Autism spectrum disorder (note that private child autism diagnoses are not recognised by the NHS. We can provide advice however)
ADOS-2 and ADR-I (autism spectrum disorder)

Psychometric testing - the Harley Therapy™ approach

Our expert educational psychologists are happy to provide you with psychometric testing for personal, medical, professional, educational, or legal use. 

We are committed to making the process of psychometric testing as comfortable as possible for you or your child, helping you understand the process and the results, as well as what steps you and your family need to take next. 


Further reading about psychometric testing

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