If you can't attend in person, telephone therapy is an effective and convenient option.

Telephone Therapy at Harley Therapy

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Telephone Counselling at Harley Therapy™ 

Do you feel you would benefit from the superior standard of a Harley Street therapist but at a time and place that suits you? Telephone counselling may be ideal for you if you live further afield, work abroad or travel frequently, or would have difficulty accessing our Harley Street offices.

How to book:

Please phone our offices on 0345 474 1724 OR

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Why choose telephone counselling?

  • Convenient - therapy in the convenience of your preferred location.
  • Confidential - your discretion is assured.
  • Counselling with a professional and expert Harley Street therapist.
  • Book at short notice - appointments easily arranged.

How effective is counselling sessions via phone?

Researchers at the University of Cambridge together with the National Institute for Health Research have found that telephone therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy. Research indicates that the use of phone based therapy is effective for a number of less severe mental health based difficulties and problems. 

Known benefits of telephone counselling

  • Individuals can access a high quality service in a flexible way at a time that suits them
  • Therapy can be accessed whilst in the community - this can be extra beneficial for those with certain symptoms such as anxiety
  • No geographical restraints - individuals can access help from their preferred location
  • No travel & parking issues
  • No time spent travelling
  • International access - ideal for travelers and those working or living abroad
  • Easy access to therapy for disabled people
  • Accessible therapy for those who have transport difficulties  

How it works

  1. Contact us to book your 50 minute session. Call 0345 474 1724 or Complete a Booking Form
  2. Pay for session (Paypal)
  3. Call your therapist on a designated number.


£110 - £150 per 50-minute session - payable in advance of session.

At Harley Therapy, you may be able to book an appointment with a therapist at short notice and we often have appointments available within 48 hours.

Telephone therapy can be used either instead of or in addition to face-to-face therapy sessions. Phone therapy can allow for work on self-improvement to be carried out in a flexible way. We look forward to helping you. 

Further reading on telephone counselling

How to book your session

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All of our practitioners are qualified and accredited with reputable professional associations for counselling and psychotherapy.

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