Struggling with the desire to hurt yourself? Counselling can help you stop self-harming

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Self-Harm Counselling in London

Does hurting yourself seem like the only solution? 

Life can at times be challenging. Deliberately injuring yourself can be a behaviour you have developed as a way to cope when things feel too overwhelming. You might self-harm as a way to distract yourself from negative thoughts, or because you feel numb inside and it seems a way to feel alive again.  

But while self-harming might briefly make you feel better, it doesn't change any of your problems or make the feelings you struggle with go away. Instead, it can damage your body, alienate the ones you love, and send you on a spiral of guilt, loneliness, and increasingly low moods.

Counselling and psychotherapy for self-harm

Self-harm can include any of the following behaviours: 

  • cutting
  • constant scratching and picking
  • banging or hitting parts of your body
  • burning yourself
  • abusing yourself with substances (alcohol, drugs, overeating)
  • pushing yourself into dangerous scenarios (unsafe sex, dangerous situations)

The desire to hurt yourself can feel like something you can't stop doing. But with the right support it is entirely possible to overcome your urge to self-harm.

Self-harm counselling can help you recognise the thoughts and feelings you are having that are triggering you to hurt yourself. It involves working on raising your self-esteem and discovering different ways of coping with your stress and low moods. 

Self-harm treatment - The Harley Therapy™ approach

Your expert and highly trained counsellor or psychotherapist at Harley Therapy™ is here to support you, not judge you. Together you can get to the bottom of the issues that drive you to self-harm, as well as recognise the inner resources you have to move forward into handling life's challenges in a more constructive way.  

Our professional counsellors and psychotherapists can also recognise if you are suffering from any other related psychological conditions such as bipoloar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or borderline personality disorder. If required, they can refer you to our private psychiatrist. 

Find out how we can help you today

Self harm treatment at Harley Therapy™, London, can help you tackle your issues and move forward with a more positive outlook on your life.

Call us now or complete our online booking form to make an appointment with one of our counselling psychologists and psychotherapists in the City of London, Canary Wharf or in Harley Street who can help.

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Counselling can help with:

  • Self-cutting
  • Self-burning
  • Scratching/picking
  • Hitting self
  • Substance abuse
  • Engaging in dangerous activities
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