Struggling with infertility or the stress of IVF? Counselling helps you cope

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Infertility Counselling

Is conceiving taking longer than expected and causing cracks in your relationship? Dealing with donation or surrogacy and feeling overwhelmed? Or on the IVF journey and finding it more stressful than you ever imagined? 

The truth about infertility and IVF

Struggling to fall pregnant can bring a host of unexpected emotions. Just as you need to be connected as as couple and make important decisions together, you can feel mired in anger, guilt, anxiety, fear, and envy. Previous mental health concerns can also be triggered. 

The IVF or donation process can amplify such emotions further with the financial stress, physical challenges, and rollercoaster of expectations it brings. There can also be grief if a cycle holds but then terminates. What first felt like an exciting opportunity can begin to feel a nightmare. 

How can counselling help with fertility problems?

A surprising amount of couples do not succeed with IVF, donation, or surrogacy because they simply quit the process, overwhelmed by the psychological stress that they underestimated.

Infertility counselling focuses on strengthening your relationship and improving your coping skills so you can stay the course. It also creates a safe space to discuss next steps, such as further rounds of treatment, ending the process, or considering adoption. 

Benefits of counselling during fertility treatment

  • manage sensitive and powerful emotions around infertility choices 
  • gain clarity on the right fertility treatment or pathway for you 
  • improve communication and relationship issues with your partner
  • develop coping strategies for stress and fatigue 
  • navigate the day-to-day uncertainties of treatment.

Infertility counselling at Harley Therapy™ London

At Harley Therapy London you will be in the safe, expert hands of a therapist who trained at a top institution and has extensive experience in his or her field. Your unique journey of navigating infertility will be respected, whether you are attending sessions as an individual, couple, or both.  

Why not call us today to discuss if infertility counselling is right for you? Or use our online booking form now to book an assessment with one of our team. 

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