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Wondering if you have learning differences? Or looking to change vocation and wondering what career might suit you most? IQ testing can help. 

What is IQ testing? 

An IQ test, or ‘intelligence quotient’ test, might better be called an ‘intellectual test’. It measures mental ability and agility. This includes: 

  • language and math skills 
  • problem solving ability
  • logical reasoning 
  • spatial relations
  • how well you retain what you learn. 

What can an IQ test help with?

By identifying learning styles and strengths, an IQ test can help you find tools, support, and treatment to reach your potential. 

IQ testing, alongside other assessments, also serves to help diagnose learning, developmental, or cognitive differences such as:

IQ tests offered at Harley Therapy™

At Harley Therapy our psychologists only use the highly regarded, industry standard IQ test the WAIS 4 (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale).

Suitable for those 16 and over, the WAIS 4 is made up of ten core subtests and five supplemental subtests, resulting in scores for perceptual reasoning, verbal comprehension, working memory, and processing speed. 

IQ Testing - the Harley Therapy™ approach

At Harley Therapy we recognise that you are a unique individual. Your expert psychologist will work to make the experience of IQ testing as comfortable and useful as possible for you. They will help you understand your results and advise on next steps, along with answering any questions you might have. 

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